Can Dog Bites Be Deadly

Can Dog Bites Be Deadly?

Any attack by an animal can be terrifying. While dogs are often affectionately thought about as man’s best friend by many, there is a certain segment of people that are terrified of them, and for good reason. Experiencing a dog attack can cause physical harm and emotional trauma that has the potential to be quite scarring and as a result, can stay with a person for the rest of their life. If you were the victim of a dog attack [...]

Right-of-Way Violations and Motorcycle Accidents

Right-of-Way Violations and Motorcycle Accidents

In Las Vegas, there is fun to be had inside and out of the bustling city, and if you like driving freely on the roads, there are endless possibilities. For motorcyclists who enjoy getting out and enjoying a long ride through the desert, there are not many other locations that can beat the view and the vast openness that the area offers. Plus, the warmer climate allows for more motorcycles to be out on the road more often throughout [...]

States with the Most Hit-and-Run Incidents

States with the Most Hit-and-Run Incidents

Hit-and-run accidents happen in every state in the nation, but some more so than others. Annually, there are over six million car accidents that take place on average in the United States. This comes out to more than 11 crashes each minute of each day. With such high numbers of car accidents also come many injuries and deaths reported every year. Just shy of 40,000 Americans will die in car accidents on an annual basis and three million people [...]

5 Steps to Take if You Are in a Bicycle Accident in Las Vegas

5 Steps to Take if You Are Injured in a Bicycle Crash in Las Vegas

In the last decade, Las Vegas has seen a significant increase in the number of cyclists taking to the roads every day. The city has taken steps to make itself more bicycle-friendly and has reportedly added around 400 miles of bike lanes to the city’s bustling streets. Cycling is a relatively inexpensive, eco-friendly, and healthy way to get around. However, bike accidents are often more severe than automobile accidents, and by some metrics, they are 3.5 times more likely [...]

How Prevalent are Uninsured Drivers in the U.S.

How Prevalent are Uninsured Drivers in the U.S.?

Responsible drivers may think it unimaginable to get behind the wheel when they do not have the required car insurance necessary to be a lawful driver. Every state has its own laws for the minimum amount of insurance that a driver needs to be road legal. And when an uninsured driver is pulled over, there can be strict punishments applied.  Drivers who are injured in Las Vegas car accidents can feel rattled and distressed at the very least. If the [...]

Should You Speak to a Casino Manager After an Injury Accident

Should You Speak to a Casino Manager After an Injury Accident?

Las Vegas is a bustling city that is known for its many casinos and the bright lights of the Las Vegas strip. Trying your luck at a casino can make for great fun and even added riches if you are successful with your bets. However, if you get hurt while you are enjoying yourself at a casino, this may put a damper on your good time. Depending on the details of how you were hurt, the casino may be [...]

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