What To Do If You’re Hurt in a Las Vegas Hotel

Learn more about homeowner liability

Most homeowners understand the importance of keeping people safe when they visit their property. For this reason, they take a variety of steps towards doing so. Unfortunately, there are still times when people are injured on another person’s property. Homeowner liability depends on many factors, including the state in which the accident occurred, whether the person was invited on the property, and how the accident occurred. Take for example an invitee. This means that a homeowner has invited the person to enter [...]

Truck Accident

The seriousness of a truck accident

As the driver of a passenger vehicle, you never want to think about being involved in an accident with a truck. And here is why: The average 18 wheeler weighs approximately 80,000 pounds and can reach up to 50 feet long. If your smaller vehicle collides with one of this mass, it is possible that you could be seriously injured or even killed. As you know, the interstates of Nevada are always packed full of trucks. While most truckers do whatever [...]

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