What You Should do After a Nevada Dog Bite

What You Should do After a Nevada Dog Bite

Any dog can bite, no matter their breed, temperament, or training. In the moments and days following a dog attack, knowing how to protect your health and obey Nevada dog bite laws is vital. There aren’t any federal guidelines for handling dangerous dogs, so these laws vary widely based on state, county, and city. Nevada’s dog bite laws are stricter than most states and demand greater care from victims and owners alike.

Prioritize Your Safety

What You Should Do After A Nevada Dog BiteAfter being attacked by a dog, your safety should be your first priority. If the dog hasn’t been contained already, get some distance to prevent a second attack before focusing on your wounds. The majority of dog bites are relatively minor and have a low risk of infection when treated properly; washing, sterilizing, and bandaging the bite is normally plenty for first aid. More serious wounds should be treated by a doctor as soon as possible, especially if you notice any of the following symptoms of severe injury or infection:

  • Especially deep cuts or large gashes
  • Missing, torn off skin
  • Red skin and swelling that doesn’t go down
  • Fever and excess sweating
  • Pus or strange discoloration
  • Loss of sensation or motion
  • Fatigue or weakness

Talk to the Owner

After you’re safe, you should talk to the owner and see if the dog was properly vaccinated while informing them of the bite. Victims are bitten by a dog they know over 40 percent of the time, so if you’re hurt by a friend’s pet, you might be tempted to let it slide—however, you should never do so. The owner of the dog doesn’t have much to worry about, and by law, you and the owner have to report the bite to an animal control officer in most parts of Nevada (including Las Vegas). Dogs are generally given a one bite leeway, and won’t be classified as “dangerous” until they bite twice within 18 months. However, as mentioned prior, Las Vegas’s laws are stricter. There, dogs only need to bite once to be considered dangerous. A personal injury attorney in Las Vegas can answer any questions you might have about local dog bite policy.

The owner likely won’t need to worry about losing their beloved pet—with precautionary measures, dangerous dogs are fine to keep, and dogs are only declared vicious (mandatory to euthanize) if they keep attacking human beings after being declared a dangerous dog, or kill or severely injure someone.

Consider Legal Action for Dog Bites

If your bite was more severe, medical expenses can start to rack up as you seek treatment, and you could be left with undeserved pain, suffering, or mental trauma such as anxiety around dogs. However, the future isn’t as bleak as you’d think—you can be compensated for all of your costs and suffering in full by talking to a Nevada personal injury lawyer. You can seek payment through the owner’s animal liability insurance, settling separately, or with a lawsuit in more severe cases, but the assistance of an experienced attorney will be indispensable no matter how you seek compensation.  If you’ve been the victim of a dog bite, contact us today at (702) 550-1111 to schedule a free consultation.

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