Top 3 Pedestrian Groups Most at Risk of Being Hit By a Car in Las Vegas

Top 3 Pedestrian Groups Most at Risk of Being Hit By a Car in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, pedestrians walking or riding their bicycles near busy roads, or workers who have their job sites near heavy traffic must always be aware of the dangers that come with so many cars traveling around them. It only takes one mistake or misjudgment for a crash to take place, and for a person to become severely injured or even lose their life. There is so much to see in our city that the risk of distracted driving is terribly high. When a driver is not paying full attention to the road and their environment, they immediately put everyone in danger. 

Pedestrians that are hit and injured by a car in Nevada are not without legal options. It could be possible to file an injury claim for financial compensation against the driver who hit them. Consulting with an attorney after an unintentional injury accident can be advantageous as a legal professional will know how to evaluate one’s accident and advise on what can be done to recoup losses. For help after an injury accident, please connect with the Las Vegas pedestrian accident attorney at the Aaron Law Group today.

What Pedestrian Groups Are the Highest Risk of Being Hit By a Car?

Top 3 Pedestrian Groups Who Are at Risk of Being Hit By a Car in Las VegasWhen a crash happens between a vehicle and a pedestrian, either party could be to blame. For example, a pedestrian may be looking at their phone and stroll out onto the road outside of a crosswalk and be hit. On the other hand, a pedestrian may have the right of way in a crosswalk at an intersection, and a driver who is not paying attention or is speeding could hit them. While anyone could be struck by a car while walking, jogging, or biking near a road, some pedestrian groups are at greater risk than others. 

Impaired Pedestrians

When a pedestrian is intoxicated their ability to make responsible decisions and judgments is diminished. An intoxicated pedestrian can wander out onto the road or make another error that puts them at risk of being hit by a car.


Children are naturally not as cautious as adults and can also be impulsive. A child playing near a street may unexpectedly run out and onto the road.


Las Vegas is a city that is visited all throughout the year by tourists from all over the country and the globe. The extravagant water displays, bright lights, and sparkling glow of the strip make it easy to be distracted, and this is especially dangerous for tourists who are unfamiliar with the area. Tourists have a higher chance that they will miss a traffic signal, not notice oncoming traffic while taking in the scenery or trying to figure out where they are and how to get to where they need to go.

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While children, tourists, and inebriated individuals are some of the highest risk groups for being hit by a vehicle, they are not the only ones. Workers who have job sites near or on the road, street vendors, and other individuals who sit or stand in between oncoming traffic are all at great risk of harm. 

If you have questions or need help with a personal injury claim in Las Vegas after a pedestrian accident or other injury incident, please call the Aaron Law Group to schedule a free consultation at (702) 550-1111.

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