Top 2 Reasons Why Hit and Run Crashes Happen

Top 2 Reasons Why Hit and Run Crashes Happen

A hit and run accident happens when one vehicle hits a car, person, or property, and then does not stop but rather flees the scene. Hit and run accidents are unlawful in the state of Nevada and if a hit and run driver is caught by the authorities, they can face both jail time and expensive fines. The state of Nevada takes hit-and-run incidents seriously, and misdemeanor offenses where only property damages result can be as many as six months in jail with potential a fine as high as $1,000. If a person is injured or killed, the fine soars up to $5,000 with jail time being as many as twenty years. Still, hit-and-run accidents happen in the state of Nevada and across the nation. Nationally, 4.6 out of every 10,000 motorists have committed a hit and run violation at some point in their lifetime.

Victims of any type of car accident can feel overwhelmed and scared especially if they were hurt. But when the other driver that caused the accident is not at the scene because they left, this can make an unfortunate situation worse and even more distressing.

If you were the victim of a hit-and-run accident in Nevada, the Las Vegas hit-and-run accident attorney at the Aaron Law Group can help you recover financial compensation for the costs of your damages.

Why Hit and Run Accidents Occur

Top 2 Reasons Why Hit and Run Crashes HappenNevada car accident laws dictate that a person involved in a crash must stop and assess the scene to provide aid to anyone that is injured. Also, it is necessary to provide your information to others involved in the crash. When these actions do not happen, a hit-and-run accident has taken place.

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, there were 737,100 hit and run crashes across the country resulting in 138,500 injuries and 1,819 fatalities. Anything can be running through a driver’s mind when they cause an accident that motivates them to take off without doing their required duties to others under the law.

Some of the most common reasons why hit and run accidents happen include:

Drunk Driving

It is much harder to almost impossible in some instances to operate an automobile when a driver is intoxicated. Not to mention, it is also a crime if the driver’s blood alcohol concentration is higher than the legal limit. When a person is drunk they are not in the right mindset, to begin with, and cannot completely think clearly. So, out of fear of being arrested for drunk driving and as a matter of reaction, a drunk driver may leave the scene to avoid that arrest.

No Insurance

Nevada has established mandatory minimums for the amount of insurance a driver must have to legally operate a vehicle in the state. If a driver does not have insurance coverage but is driving anyway, this is also a crime. Fines and having to pay a license reinstatement fee will be necessary.

Speak to a Nevada Car Accident Attorney Today

After a crash, whether or not the individual who caused the incident stays or leaves, victims still have the right to obtain compensation to cover their losses. For more information about what you can do after a car accident or hit and run accident to secure maximum recovery, please call the Aaron Law Group at (702) 550-1111 to schedule a free consultation. 


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