The Reason Why Bus Accidents in Nevada Are So Common

The Reason Why Bus Accidents in Nevada Are So Common

Buses provide a valuable form of mass transit throughout the state of Nevada and in the state’s large cities like Las Vegas. Depending on what your purposes are, you can catch a city bus, ride on a transit bus, rent a party bus for special events which is something that is very common in Las Vegas, take a school bus, or try a van bus. Very large buses have the ability to transport dozens of people but in order to be considered a bus, a vehicle must have the capacity to hold at least seven people plus the driver.

Even though private, city, and commercial buses are driven by professionals, mistakes can still be made. When a bus accident in Nevada happens, because of how many people can be sitting in the vehicle at the time of the incident, massive devastation can result. There is the potential to have many people suffering injuries and even death as a result of one of these incidents. Bus accidents happen frequently in Las Vegas and if you were injured in a Las Vegas bus crash then you may be able to sue for compensation. The Las Vegas bus accident lawyer at the Aaron Law Group can look over your case and advise you on the best path forward for recovering the money you need to pay for the damages you suffered.

How do Do Nevada Bus Accidents compare to the Rest of the Nation?

Nevada Bus Accidents Compared to the NationIn 2015, there were 25 fatal crashes that resulted in 27 deaths in the state of Nevada from crashes that had large trucks and buses. From In 2018, across the country there were:

  • Fatal school bus crashes: 94
  • Fatal cross country and intercity bus crash: 25
  • Fatal transit bus crashes: 89
  • Fatal crashes with a bus type unknown: 26

Nevada’s fatality rate in 2015 was far below the national average at 8.65 versus 11.19 respectively. Year after year, there are more and more buses on the road. Public transit buses have the highest risk of deadly crashes. Each year there are over 360 million people that will choose to travel on some type of bus across the country. With the number of buses is increasing in Nevada, it can be expected that the potential for a surge in accidents that involve buses may also rise. 

Specifically, in the greater Las Vegas area, the city is becoming more crowded with residents, workers, and tourists. As the city and the country open up, more people are heading out and making plans for traveling. As of May of 2021, the city has seen an upward trend of visitors. There were 2,878,200 visitors in Las Vegas and the crowds continue to rise which increases the risk for bus accidents. Still, even though Nevada has their fair share of bus accidents, more populous states tend to have the highest number of crashes. California, Florida, and Texas have some of the largest numbers of bus accidents reported every year. 

Speak to a Las Vegas Bus Accident Attorney Today

You have the right to seek compensation when you were injured in a Las Vegas bus accident due to another party’s negligence. Call the Aaron Law Group today to speak with a talented Las Vegas bus accident attorney during a free consultation at (702) 550-1111.

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