The Most Common Causes of Las Vegas Bus Accidents

The Most Common Causes of Las Vegas Bus Accidents

Despite congested streets and the millions of visitors that use Las Vegas’s bus transit systems yearly, usually, our local buses are safe and reasonable; usually, the worst people can expect is a mind-numbingly slow trip through heavy traffic. However, with such a constant stream of bus and motorist activity, it’s also no surprise to know that Las Vegas is a hot spot for bus accidents by sheer traffic density alone; hundreds of commercial bus accidents occur annually in Nevada, a great many of which originate from Las Vegas. The causes of Las Vegas bus accidents are multifaceted but commonly stem from the same core issues.

How Bus Accidents Usually Happen

Bus accidents can happen at any time of day, at any location in the city, for nearly any reason; however, these accidents are especially common around bus stops, where buses do a majority of their sudden lane swapping and slowdowns. There are a variety of trends we can look at to give us initial insight into some of the most common reasons a bus might have crashed:

  • Driver negligence. Drivers themselves are responsible for a notable majority of bus accidents in one way or another; this can come in the form of texting, drowsy driving, intoxication, general recklessness, ineptitude, or other similarly negligent acts. A Las Vegas bus accident attorney can help you prove that distracted driving or other impairments had a role in your accident based on multiple sources of evidence. 
  • Mechanical defects and failures. Buses are as prone as any truck to mechanical failures, especially in regards to their braking mechanisms and turn signals, which are extremely likely to cause an accident if they ever fail due to the already lacking amount of control bus drivers have over their large vehicles. These mechanical errors can often be the result of negligence, and lacking adherence to Nevada’s bus maintenance regulations by a bus driver or company, or at times, faulty manufacturing processes.
  • External road conditions. Though less common, bus accidents can periodically be caused by conditions outside of the vehicle, such as poor road maintenance, bad weather, and even other drivers, all of which can be traced back to someone’s negligence. Note that even seemingly “unavoidable” situations like bad weather can result in an individual being liable since bus drivers and dispatchers shouldn’t be operating while hazardous weather conditions could put them and others at risk.

Recovering from a Las Vegas Bus Accident

The Most Common Causes of Las Vegas Bus AccidentsIn the wake of an accident, the safety and well being of yourself and everyone else involved should be your immediate priority. Ensure that anyone who needs it receives emergency medical treatment and that even those who feel they may be uninjured see a doctor before long. Once everyone is safe, you can start talking to Aaron Law Group’s Nevada bus accident lawyers to learn more about how you could seek out compensation. 

Bus accidents are complex affairs that tend to involve significantly more parties than the average car-on-car collision, so it’s best to have a legal professional on your side with specialized experience, who can sift through everything on your behalf. Give us a call at (702) 550-1111 to schedule a free consultation and get started; we can give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your finances are in the best hands possible.

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