Is Medical Treatment Necessary After a Las Vegas Fender Bender?

Is Medical Treatment Necessary After a Las Vegas Fender Bender?

Vehicular accidents are common across the United States so much so, that they are the number one reason why Americans sustain personal injuries and lose their life. There are over six million accidents that take place annually in the country. While there are plenty that are catastrophic and far too many that are deadly, the majority of accidents that are reported to occur each year are minor. It is a common misconception that everyday fender benders do not require legal action. It is important to keep in mind what you may initially see on the outside of your vehicle like a nick in the paint or even if you don’t notice anything that does not mean that there wasn’t damage to the inner parts of your car. 

The same is true for bodily harm. After an accident, it is not unusual to feel no symptoms of injuries, but after a couple of hours or days, signs of injuries start to appear. For example, you may start to feel tender in certain parts of your body, have extensive stiffness, experience blurred vision, or even struggle with regular migraines. You may put off seeing a doctor because of delayed symptoms or you may not even schedule an examination when you are in discomfort because you don’t feel like your injuries are severe enough to warrant medical treatment. This is not advisable.

Should You See a Doctor After a Las Vegas Fender Bender?

Is Medical Treatment Necessary After a Las Vegas Fender BenderWhether you experience pain soon after your Las Vegas car accident, if you don’t feel anything for days, or you immediately have pain or notice cuts and bruises it is a good idea to see a doctor. Seeing a medical professional as soon as you can after your accident helps you proactively protect your health and wellbeing. You could have sustained very serious injuries and not even know it. Without treatment, your condition may continue to worsen or could develop other ailments and illnesses. Meeting with a medical professional allows you to be examined, given a correct diagnosis, and a treatment plan. 

Sometimes, medical assistance is available at the scene of your Las Vegas car crash and if you are offered it, it is prudent to take it. Not only does accepting medical care help preserve your health but it also can support a Las Vegas personal injury claim should you choose to pursue one. You are well within your right to seek compensation when you sustained injuries or property damage even after a minor collision. You don’t have to go through the process alone, the Aaron Law Group can help. Matthew Aaron is a Las Vegas personal injury attorney that has substantial courtroom experience and has a considerable understanding of personal injury law in Las Vegas. The Aaron Law Group will fight for you to secure a full and fair settlement.

Speake with a Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney

In terms of taking legal action after a Las Vegas automobile accident, the reason that it is so important to obtain medical treatment right after your accident is to ensure your claim is as strong as possible. The insurance company is going to attack every aspect of your case to devalue your Las Vegas personal injury claim or make the argument that it should be denied. When possible, being seen by a medical professional on the same day of your incident will be in your best interest. For questions about the personal injury claim process or for legal counsel, call the Las Vegas car crash attorney at the Aaron Law Group at (702) 550-1111 for a free consultation.

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