Critical Evidence after a Nevada Motorcycle Accident

Critical Evidence after a Nevada Motorcycle Accident

Riding a motorcycle is an enjoyable pastime for some, but motorcycles are very dangerous. The lack of protection a motorcyclist has means that any type of crash can cause significant bodily harm. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that every year more than 30,000 people lose their life in a motorcycle crash. Devastating Nevada motorcycle crashes not only cause significant bodily harm and death but are also very expensive. In 2013 alone, individuals who died in motorcycle crashes cost the country $44 billion. Fatal motorcycle crashes in Nevada cost the state over $352 million every single year. 

Victims that suffer injuries in Las Vegas motorcycle accidents or family members that lose loved ones in deadly crashes have the right to file a Nevada personal injury claim or Nevada wrongful death claim to obtain compensation. The Aaron Law Group will fight on your behalf and provide the legal representation you need to get the money you deserve. It is critically important that victims obtain the full amount of compensation for all of the damages they had to endure and the Aaron Law Group is committed to protecting victims’ rights.

What Type of Evidence Can Be Used to Build a Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Claim?

Critical Evidence after a Nevada Motorcycle AccidentCollecting evidence to support a claim helps prove the extent of damages a victim suffered. The more evidence there is the stronger the claim is and the better positioned a victim is for obtaining all of the compensation they are demanding. When you work with the Aaron Law Group to build your Las Vegas personal injury claim some of the areas that your attorney will explore to obtain valuable evidence include:

  • There is nothing better than visible evidence showing what happened in a Las Vegas motorcycle crash. Video footage that comes from either a helmet cam and/or another car’s dashcam has the potential to provide a powerful demonstration of important details with regard to what took place in the crash. It also is possible that video footage can show clear liability for the incident.
  • After any type of traffic collision, if you are able to talk to eyewitnesses and obtain their contact information your Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorney will reach out to these individuals to get their statement.
  • Victims that are able to take detailed pictures of the crash scene to account for the weather, any type of marks on the road from the collision, the position of the vehicles, and even traffic lights and stop signs can use this information in a Las Vegas personal injury claim.
  • First responders like the police who come to the crash scene will write their report and this is also useful in a claim. So writing down the names and badge numbers of the responding officer can be helpful.
  • All of the medical treatment that was required to treat your injuries will also have associated medical bills. Bills from the hospital, the pharmacy, the physical therapist, etc. are all going to help show the magnitude of your trauma.
  • Income statements can also be used to attest to any time away from work that resulted from the injuries you sustained in your Nevada motorcycle accident.

Speak with a Nevada Personal Injury Attorney Today

Obtaining a fair and full settlement after a Las Vegas motorcycle collision is vital to helping a victim recover from their injuries and move on with their life. To schedule, your free consultation with an experienced Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorney call Aaron Law Group at (702) 550-1111.

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