Your Guide to Understanding The Personal Injury Case Process

Your Guide to Understanding The Personal Injury Case Process

For most people, filing a personal injury case is not something they have much experience with. This is why we put together this article; if you have never been through this process before, you can get a better understanding of how it works. While all cases are different, there are some basics which will be followed by all experienced personal injury attorneys. Step 1: Consultation The very first step you are going to take is to meet with a lawyer. This [...]

What If I Find Out I’m Injured After Filing a Claim?

After an Accident, Avoid These 3 Mistakes

There is no denying the strain and stress that comes after you have been involved in an accident, especially if it was not your fault and you wound up injured. Accidents cause a lot of trauma and daily stressors, including seeking medical treatment, potentially taking time off of work, to figuring out how to balance taking care of your family when you are not well. Considering all of these factors, you may not even think there could be a possibility [...]

Never Let Social Media Destroy Your Chance to Receive Compensation

Never Let Social Media Destroy Your Chance to Receive Compensation

Ever since the first social media platforms exploded into popularity a few decades ago, our huge world has somehow become a much smaller place. Nowadays, with the click of a mouse and a tap of the Enter key, you can instantly share your work with hundreds of thousands of people around the world, something people would’ve cataloged as a part of science fiction literature in the 1950s. With all these positive elements, social media almost sounds incredible. After all, connecting [...]

Why is Night the Most Dangerous Time to Drive?

Common Causes of Motor Vehicle Accidents in Las Vegas

When you live in the bustling oasis that is Las Vegas, you are bound to run into a bit of trouble in traffic once in a while. Across the lineup of casinos, entertainment venues, shopping centers, hotels, and bars that decorate the Strip, people tend to forget that they are wandering through a packed city like ours. In the midst of colorful craziness, though, some drivers can unwillingly get to know one another by means of inconvenient car crashes. Accidents [...]

Boating and drinking

Boating Under The Influence

Driving under the influence of alcohol is extremely dangerous. It only takes one drunk driver to cause an accident that injures or kills one or more people. But did you know that boating under the influence is every bit as dangerous? This is something that law enforcement continues to fight against. Here are a few things you should know about boating under the influence: — The legal blood alcohol content level for operating a boat is .08, which is the same as [...]

What To Do If You’re Hurt in a Las Vegas Hotel

Learn more about homeowner liability

Most homeowners understand the importance of keeping people safe when they visit their property. For this reason, they take a variety of steps towards doing so. Unfortunately, there are still times when people are injured on another person’s property. Homeowner liability depends on many factors, including the state in which the accident occurred, whether the person was invited on the property, and how the accident occurred. Take for example an invitee. This means that a homeowner has invited the person to enter [...]

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