8 Tips for Driving in the Fall in Nevada

8 Tips for Driving in the Fall in Nevada

As the seasons change from summer to fall, the days get shorter and the weather becomes cooler. The ghosts and goblins come out for tricks and treats, the colors of the leaves become vibrant shades of orange and red, and pumpkin pie with a side of turkey are on the menu. There is a lot to enjoy about the fall season. Even though there is much to appreciate, however, there is also the need to be vigilant and aware of how the autumn season can affect driving to stay safe on the roads.

Just like drivers have different considerations while operating their vehicles during the day versus night, adjusting to the different seasons as a driver is also a necessity. While there is no way to completely avoid car accidents, there are some things that drivers can do to minimize their risk of being in one. This includes safe driving practices that incorporate the challenges that each season poses.

How to Drive Safely in Nevada in the Fall

8 Tips for Driving in the Fall in NevadaIf you live in the state of Nevada or are traveling to the state during the fall, these safe driving tips may help you navigate the roads and reduce your risk of car accidents.

  1. Many people enjoy looking at the colorful foliage that fall time produces, but when those leaves finally drop off the trees, they can be hazardous for drivers. This is especially true if there is rain or another type of wet precipitation on leaves laying across the road. When leaves are wet, they make the roads incredibly slick and increase the chances of a collision. As a result, it is important to keep extra space between other vehicles and travel at slower speeds when driving over leaves and maneuvering around other cars or making turns.
  2. Leaves on the roads also cover road markings and road defects like potholes. So be aware, watchful, and alert to this.
  3. Wipe leaves off windshields before driving so they do not hinder your visibility or get caught under your wiper blades.
  4. Always park on cleared surfaces and keep leaves from piling up in your driveway. Dry leaves near cars can be a fire hazard.
  5. When the fog rolls in, remember to use your fog lights and low beams.
  6. When the temperatures get really cold, wet roads can freeze and make conditions extra slippery. Specific areas that have wind that flows under them like bridges are more prone to icy conditions.
  7. The days get shorter in autumn, so keep a watch for pedestrians and bicyclists that may still be out and active but much harder to see.
  8. Dawn and dusk can make it harder to see the road so keeping sunglasses nearby to help manage the glare can be helpful. Also, keeping an eye while driving through wooded areas is key so you can avoid a crash with a deer that may run out onto the road.

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