Your Guide to Understanding The Personal Injury Case Process

Your Guide to Understanding The Personal Injury Case Process

For most people, filing a personal injury case is not something they have much experience with. This is why we put together this article; if you have never been through this process before, you can get a better understanding of how it works. While all cases are different, there are some basics which will be followed by all experienced personal injury attorneys.

Step 1: Consultation

The very first step you are going to take is to meet with a lawyer. This allows the attorney to get details regarding your case and, most importantly, for you to interview them and see if they are a good fit for your case. Take the time to ask a lot of questions. These could range from their educational background to what similar cases they have taken in the past. If things go smoothly, they can give you valuable feedback regarding your case and if you have one that has a good chance of being successfully won. After this step, you may decide to hire them to represent you.

Step 2: Filing

In most situations, the lawyer will want to file the case quickly so that there is no time lost during the statute of limitations. Should you fail to file before this “time limit” expires, you could lose all chances of your case being seen by a court. When your attorney puts your filing together, they will determine who is involved as well as who the suit will be against.

Step 3: Discovery

This is the longest part of the process, and both your attorney and that of the defense will gather evidence. During the process of discovery, witnesses will be gathered and interviewed, medical reports will be obtained, and both parties will be building their case. Your attorney will work hard on your behalf to prove why you were victimized and why the other party is at fault. They will also try to prove the damages done and any pain and suffering you may have endured.

Step 4: Settling

After discovery, your attorney will try to settle. Most personal injury cases, approximately 95-96% actually settle out of court instead of going to trial. Together with the opposing attorney, an agreement will be made as to how much money the plaintiff will receive in compensation. The process of settling tends to be faster and less expensive overall than it would be if you had to go to trial. If a settlement is agreed upon, it is as simple as signing the agreement, and then the case will be completed and over.

Step 5: Trial

This step will only happen if a settlement cannot be reached. You and the opposing side will go before a judge and/or jury and your attorneys will present their case. At the end of the trial, it comes down to either the judge or the jury for deciding the outcome. Your success is dependant on either of these parties and the amount you will be compensated, should you win, will also be dependant on their decision.

Get Equipped with the Right Personal Injury Lawyer in Las Vegas

Your Guide to Understanding The Personal Injury Case ProcessThe process is complicated, and the time for your case starts ticking once the accident happens. For the State of Nevada, that means you have approximately two years to file your personal injury claim. You should never wait to get the representation you need and get that process started so that you don’t lose out on the compensation you need and deserve for injuries as the result of an accident in Nevada.  

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