Will Your Personal Injury Claim Go to Court?

Will Your Personal Injury Claim Go to Court?

You were just in a car accident and now you have to pay for medical expenses, however, you cannot work because of your injuries. You are wondering what you can do to remedy your situation. In the state of Nevada, you may be eligible for filing a personal injury claim to help you fight for the damages you are owed for your losses. Moving forward with a legal suit against a negligent party that harmed you may feel like an overwhelming and time-consuming job that includes having to spend your day in court.

Thinking of everything you would have to do for compensation may make you feel hesitant, especially if you are also struggling to work to heal your injuries and recover from them at the same time. However, you have rights including obtaining financial compensation for your losses. So, if a Nevada car accident has caused you to suffer losses like medical expenses, property damages, and the inability to work, then you will need to recoup those deficiencies, and a personal injury claim may be the right approach. 

When Will You Have to Go to Court After You File a Personal Injury Claim?

Will Your Personal Injury Claim Go to CourtPeople who are harmed in a personal injury accident, like a car crash or bicycle collision, or are injured by a defective product, for example, can file a claim for compensation. Whether or not your claim will go to court will largely depend on how your case works out. There are many factors that will determine the strength of your case including the amount of evidence you have to support your damages, the extent of your losses, and the quality of your legal representation.

There are two ways that a civil suit like a tort claim can go. The first is to settle outside of court during the pre-litigation phase. The second is to go to court and receive a verdict. Typically, most personal injury claims settle without the need to go to court. When a claim goes to court, it prolongs the time it takes to resolve and it also costs more to get to that conclusion.

Even though settlement without court involvement may make things speedier and reduce costs, that does not mean that one should avoid court in all situations. Sometimes, a fair settlement can simply not be reached in pre-litigation. As a result, it could be a better option to take a case to court and work things out that way.

If you are concerned about having to have your personal injury case heard in court, the good news is that most do not make it that far. Still, even if you are one of the few cases that do, if you have talented and experienced legal counsel representing you who knows how to build a strong case and back it up with tactical litigation in court, then you should be in good hands and could secure optimal results.

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