Why Having UM/UIM Coverage is Beneficial

Why Having UM/UIM Coverage is Beneficial

Most states have requirements for carrying automobile insurance as a requisite to lawfully operate a vehicle on the roads. The reason this is so is that car accidents happen frequently and can be very costly. Despite this, according to the Insurance Information Institute, more than 12% of drivers throughout the United States drive without the insurance they are supposed to have.

Being hit by another driver can make a good day go bad quickly. If the other driver flees the incident becomes a hit and run and that takes a distressing situation and makes it even more upsetting. Similarly, if the driver that hits you does not have insurance, this is also not ideal. There is a good likelihood that getting compensated by the uninsured motorist may be a considerable challenge.

Why Uninsured/Under-Insured Coverage is Important

Why Having UM UIM Coverage is BeneficialIn Nevada, there are mandatory minimums with respect to the insurance coverage that drivers must carry. Nevada’s mandatory minimum automobile insurance are:

  • Bodily injury $100,000 per person.
  • Bodily injury $300,000 per accident.
  • Property damage $50,000 per accident.

These minimums may seem like a lot of money. In general, they are. But, in terms of car accidents that can be incredibly costly, they may not be enough to cover all the expenses. For this reason, while not mandatory, it is a good idea to protect yourself with UM/UIM insurance. If you are hit by an uninsured or underinsured driver and your costs are substantial, this coverage will come in handy.

When a driver either does not have any insurance or does not have sufficient insurance coverage to pay for all of the damages that they caused, if you are carrying enough UM/UIM coverage, you can use your own policy to pay for the damages. It may seem unfair to have to carry extra coverage to account for these uninsured drivers. But, the reality is that often people who do not purchase insurance coverage or only the minimums are doing so because they can not afford to. This means, that there is a good possibility these drivers also do not have the assets and wealth to make filing a claim against them for compensation worth the time and the effort.

People who drive without insurance can be held accountable. This is true if they get pulled over for some reason and it is discovered that they do not have insurance. They can be fined, charged fees, and have their license suspended. These repercussions can also happen when such a driver is in a crash.

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