Who is to Blame for a Las Vegas Restaurant Injury Accident?

Who is to Blame for a Las Vegas Restaurant Injury Accident?

Accidents can happen almost anywhere and for any reason. When you go out to eat at a restaurant you expect that the environment will be safe and that the people that work there will also not put you at risk of harm. For the most part, going out to eat is a fun and leisurely activity for people to enjoy a good meal. When a situation at a restaurant leads to an injured patron, the patron has the right under the law in the state of Nevada to sue for compensation to cover their damages. Depending on how the Las Vegas restaurant accident took place, the patron may sue:

  • The restaurant owners.
  • If the restaurant is a part of a chain or has a parent company, that parent company can be liable.
  • Third-parties that work with the restaurant such as the suppliers of the fixtures, the food, or those that provide security services.
  • A restaurant’s employees.

Patrons who suffered injuries from any of the following incident are within their right to file a suit:

  • If the food was improperly prepared or stored and there was food poisoning as a result.
  • Hot equipment, plates, or other situations where burns can happen.
  • Surfaces that cause slip and fall accidents.
  • Careless or poorly trained security.
  • Infractions with regard to the workplace safety laws in the state of Nevada.

Who is Responsible for My Damages After a Nevada Restaurant Injury Accident?

Who is to Blame for a Las Vegas Restaurant Injury AccidentA specific person that caused the incident which leads to your injuries is responsible for paying for them. Anyone can be liable for causing you harm and this includes not just the employees that work at the restaurants but also anyone else that the restaurant hires, and even other patrons. According to Nevada’s vicarious employer liability doctrine, if an employee is behind the actions that lead to your damages, then the restaurant as well as their parent company, if there is one, can be liable.

The vicarious employer liability doctrine is true when the following happens:

  • If you were injured by an employee that was executing the responsibilities of their job.
  • The risk was common and reasonable for the restaurant industry.

When a person has gone out of their way to deliberately harm a patron, then the patron can take direct legal action against that person. The restaurant would not be liable in this situation unless:

  • The restaurant could have prevented the harm and didn’t.
  • The employee who committed the wrongful act was within their job’s responsibilities and under the authority of the restaurant.
  • The restaurant was negligent in their hiring, training, or oversight of their employee who committed the act.

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Las Vegas has no end to some of the best, most acclaimed restaurants in the state of Nevada. The surplus of restaurants and the celebrated excitement of activities, events, and accommodations that Las Vegas has to offer residents and visitors means that accidents in casinos or restaurants are common. To learn more about what to do after your injury accident at a Las Vegas restaurant, call Matthew Aaron, a proficient and talented Las Vegas personal injury attorney with the Aaron Law Group to schedule your free consultation at (702) 550-1111.

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