Who is Considered Liable in a Dooring Accident?

Who is Considered Liable in a Dooring Accident?

Las Vegas has just the right climate and atmosphere for bicyclists. The problem bicyclists face, though, is that there are several ways that these individuals can be harmed in an accident. Riding alongside cars is something that is a reality for bicyclists. While cars are supposed to be cognizant of bicyclists and share the road with them, automobiles are by far a bicyclist’s most prominent threat. 

When cars hit bicyclists, the brunt of the damage is often found on the bicyclist. There is very little protection for a bicyclist, especially when compared to an automobile. And the force that an automobile can bring when it collides with a bicyclist has the potential to be substantial. For this reason, many accidents that involved automobiles are deadly for bicyclists.

If you were riding your bike in Las Vegas and sustained physical bodily harm after a car hit you, the Las Vegas bicycle accident injury attorney at the Aaron Law Group can help. You may be able to file a personal injury claim for compensation. To learn more about how to file a personal injury claim and to have your questions about the process answered, connect with the Aaron Law Group today.

What is Dooring and Who is Responsible for it Happening?

Who is Considered Liable in a Dooring AccidentDooring is a word that describes a person in a car opening up their door and a bicyclist crashing into it. Dooring is serious and can lead to major bodily harm for cyclists. When a cyclist is riding down the street and everything looks clear in front of them, that can quickly change if a person inside a car unexpectedly swings their door open. A Bicyclist that is taken by surprise by a door opening that does not have time to react and steer away from the obstacle will likely slam into the door and suffer devastating injuries.

Even in instances when a bicyclist can quickly make a move to veer away from an open door there still could be perils for the cyclist. A cyclist that reacts swiftly to an open door may do so at their own risk. If a cyclist steers away from an open door but into oncoming traffic, these results can also be catastrophic for the bicyclist.

In terms of determining liability for the aftermath of a dooring accident, it comes down to the details of the incident. In most cases, it is the occupant of the car that opens the door who is responsible for what happens to a bicyclist. Still, this is not always a guaranteed conclusion. 

For this reason, having a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer review your bicycle accident can prove to be beneficial. If you are entitled to compensation, the Las Vegas car accident attorney at the Aaron Law Group will fight on your behalf to get it.

Call a Las Vegas Bicycle Accident Attorney Today

After a bicycle accident, victims deserve to have the highest quality legal representation helping them get the compensation they need. Call the Aaron Law Group today to schedule a free consultation at (702) 550-1111. 

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