When Children are Injured in Car Accidents

When Children are Injured in Car Accidents

Clark County, Nevada reports the highest number of traffic accidents annually in the state, and traffic accidents can have catastrophic and severe outcomes for everyone involved. While many people that are involved in traffic accidents can be older teenagers, adults, and the elderly, children are not immune from harm when a crash happens. Many families, school buses, and childcare centers are often found carrying children around in their vehicles when they are traveling from place to place. 

If your child was injured in a car accident in Las Vegas, this is a disheartening and distressing situation to find yourself in. Being concerned for their health and well-being, and wanting to make sure they are okay, is likely your first response as a parent. This is only natural, but depending on the situation and how your child was harmed, there could be another consideration for you. Parents may also be able to take legal action on behalf of their children to recover financial compensation for losses suffered. 

For help with a car accident injury claim in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas car accident attorney at the Aaron Law Group can help.

Child Victims in Car Accidents in Las Vegas

When Children are Injured in Car AccidentsThere are situations where anyone can find themselves unexpectedly experiencing something that is traumatic and that is not within one’s control. Children are no different, especially when a child is safely secured in their seat, there is nothing they can do about how a driver behaves while behind the wheel. As a result, if an accident happens, a child has no recourse to protect themselves from harm. These incidents can leave a child with minor injuries, permanent disabilities, devastating emotional torment, and even death.

Car accidents in Las Vegas happen on a regular basis. Traffic collisions are some of the most common reasons that people sustain unintentional injuries and death, children included. Even if a car is carrying a little one and has the stickers of the stick family posted on their rear window or a firm warning that there is a baby on board, that does not mean that another driver is going to notice this or consider it with respect to their own actions. Because of this, even though these stickers may be meant to be a cute way to let others know little ones could be present, they are not a strong deterrent for negligent drivers.

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Because of a child’s much smaller body, the extent of physical bodily harm they can suffer in a crash can be substantial. Where there are settlements for young children, the personal injury claim process can be a bit more difficult and is different than it is when an adult files a claim on their own. Having the experienced Las Vegas car accident lawyer at the Aaron Law Group on your side helping you through each step of the process is critical. Call the Aaron Law Group today to schedule a free consultation when you are ready to take legal action after a crash at (702) 550-1111.

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