What to do if You Get Into a Motorcycle Accident

What to do if You Get Into a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents happen for a variety of reasons, but regardless of the cause, these collisions are traumatic, stressful experiences for everyone involved. In the moments following a crash, it’s important to stay calm. As with any accident, you should prioritize first aid and call 911 if anyone is visibly injured; shock suppresses pain responses shortly after a traumatic experience, so you might feel fine despite being severely wounded. Provided that there isn’t an emergency to deal with, you can then focus on other important steps following a motorcycle accident in Nevada.

Document the Accident

Motorcyclists are commonly viewed as reckless, and as such, are frequently discriminated against by insurance adjusters and other drivers when determining fault. This makes it especially important to gather extensive evidence to ensure that you aren’t blamed for a crash that wasn’t your fault—do everything possible to avoid a “he said, she said” case, and avoid apologizing to the other driver, as this could be interpreted as an admission of partial fault.

Remember, there’s no such thing as too much evidence. Take photos and notes of everything you can:

  • What To Do If You Get Into A Motorcycle AccidentSkid marks and road condition
  • The directions you and the other driver came from
  • Damage to either vehicle
  • The resting locations of vehicles in relation to each other 
  • The weather and any other unusual conditions
  • Your clothing and protective equipment
  • License plates of the involved vehicles
  • Eyewitness testimonies and contact information
  • Any injuries you or the other driver visibly sustained

Of course, you should also exchange contact and insurance information with whoever hit you. Additionally, be sure to see a doctor, even if your wounds seem minor—this not only helps you avoid complications but also generates conclusive evidence of the exact nature and severity of your injuries, in case they’re called into question later.

Open an Insurance Claim

Most motorcycle accidents involve other vehicles rather than stationary objects, so there’s likely to be some level of a dispute over who’s to blame. Make sure you contact your insurance company as soon as possible to open a claim, but avoid discussing fault or any of the details of your accident, injuries, and damages, beyond the absolute minimum needed to start the claims process. Although there’s a chance your insurance adjuster might handle your claim generously and honestly, it’s a huge risk to assume that you’re being given a fair deal. Always consult a Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorney before agreeing to anything with an insurance company, even if you don’t intend to hire a lawyer.

Consult a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

As mentioned prior, it’s always advisable to run the details of your case by an attorney, even if it seems minor or you’re confident that an offer is fair. The tactics that insurance companies use to devalue claims are generally subtle, so it’s difficult for a layman to appraise a settlement offer without partnering with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. Contact us today at (702) 550-1111 to schedule a free consultation and get the advice or legal representation you need to secure the compensation you deserve.

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