What is Your Property Accident Claim Worth?

What is Your Property Accident Claim Worth?

Sometimes a slip and fall accident will happen due to simple clumsiness or for another reason unrelated to the negligence of a property owner. However, there are many situations where a property owner’s lack of attention to the state of their premises or their failure to address and fix situations that could be dangerous to others, causing a serious slip and fall injury. In this type of scenario, there is the potential for a victim to take legal action against the property owner to be paid for the damages they suffered. 

A slip and fall accident can have a wide range of losses from minor to quite substantial. It is critical that victims, no matter how severe their slip and fall accidents, obtain the most compensation from their claims. In the state of Nevada, victims of slip and fall accidents that happened due to the disregard or inaction of a property owner to manage hazards have the right to file a suit against the owner. For assistance with a Nevada premise liability claim, the Las Vegas property accident attorney at the Aaron Law Group can help victims secure the highest amount of compensation possible.

Settlements from a Nevada Property Accident Claim

What is Your Property Accident Claim Worth?A property accident like a fall can lead to damages including any of the following and more:

  • Missed wages from having to be away from work while recovering.
  • Pain and suffering from the toll the injury has taken on the victim.
  • Medical expenses to pay for all of the treatment necessary to recover from injuries.
  • Property damages that may have occurred during the slip and fall accident.

While slip and fall accidents can result in only minor injuries at times, they also have the potential to cause severe injuries. In some of the most vulnerable populations such as the elderly, the injuries suffered from a slip and fall accident could be deadly.

It is common to wonder if you have a case to make a claim after a property accident. After all, many people never file a claim even though they were entitled to compensation simply because they do not know their rights. This is why after a slip and fall accident, it can be highly advantageous to take your case to a premise liability attorney to obtain a greater understanding of your rights and abilities to recover compensation. 

In addition to figuring out if you should make a claim, there are other reasons why discussing your accident with an attorney is worthwhile. An attorney can determine how much your claim could be worth. An experienced slip and fall attorney will be able to identify the full amount of damages you suffered and come to a reasonable and fair settlement amount based on your losses.  For example, victims of moderate slip and fall accidents may be able to secure $15,000 in a settlement, but if they suffered major injuries that amount could go up to $50,000 or higher.

Speak with a Las Vegas Property Accident Injury Attorney Today

The actual cost of your claim will be dependent on the sum of all of the damages you sustained. To talk with a Las Vegas slip and fall accident attorney and learn more about your legal options, call the Aaron Law Group today to schedule a free consultation at (702) 550-1111.

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