What Happens to the Body When it is Hit By a Vehicle?

What Happens to the Body When it is Hit By a Vehicle?

Pedestrians can be any person who is moving about outside. Joggers, walkers, or even a person sitting down can be defined as a pedestrian. When pedestrians are hit by cars they are at very high risk for devastating injuries and death. In 2020, the Governor’s Highway Safety Association reported that there were over 6,700 pedestrian deaths across the country. This was a record number of pedestrian deaths, up almost 5% from the previous year.

Despite the pandemic where people were largely bunkered in their homes, drivers that were active were more often engaging in unsafe driving practices. Even though there was 13% less traffic on the roads, there were more reports in 2020 of reckless driving including speeding, driving while intoxicated, driving with distractions, and more. As a result, the fatality rate from traffic incidents was up by 20%. 

If you are a pedestrian in Las Vegas, you may be at high risk of being hurt in a crash. According to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, the state of Nevada has a real problem with deadly pedestrian accidents. In fact, on a regular basis, the state is always listed in the top 10 most dangerous states for fatal pedestrian accidents. It may seem that in Las Vegas, in particular, there would be a large portion of deadly pedestrian accidents seen from tourists. In reality, though, the NDMV reports that 90% of all of the deadly pedestrian incidents in Nevada are residents.

How is a Human Body Impacted after being Hit By an Automobile?

What Happens to a Body When it is Hit By a CarTypically, if you are examining a crash between a car and a human body when the car is traveling at a high rate of speed, you will notice three different phases take place. These are:

Phase One: Collision

  • The car collides with the lower body when a person is simply standing. This will cause the body to bend around the vehicle. The upper body including the head may slam against the hood or potentially smash into the windshield.

Phase Two: Flight Path/Trajectory

  • After the initial impact takes place between the car and the body, the force will thrust a  body forward into the air. The distance that a body flies through the air compared with their location when they were first hit, is considered the “throw distance.”

Phase Three: Hitting the Ground

  • Eventually, gravity kicks in, and what goes up must come down. The body will eventually land on the ground.

While all three phases are destructive and can cause significant physical bodily harm, typically the fatal blow happens in the second phase or third phase. Or a combination of both can lead to fatal injuries.

Pedestrians crossing crosswalks and intersections along with those moving about in parking lots have some of the highest risks of being hit by a car. It is always wise to be vigilant and alert to your surroundings to avoid a crash. This is true for pedestrians and drivers.

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