Tour Bus Accidents are Common in Las Vegas

Tour Bus Accidents are Common in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, like many big cities, has crowded streets with cars, trucks, and busses. In Las Vegas though, there is a high number of busses driving around the streets. Buses provide residents and tourists an affordable and easy way to travel about the city and beyond. School children that live far from their school can make use of school busses. Tourists can enjoy party busses and hotel busses.

When we enter into a bus we expect to have a safe and relaxing ride to our destination because after all, the driver is a professional. Many times this is true, but on occasion, bus accidents can happen. In 2010 for instance, there were 435 accidents in Nevada involving a large bus and there were 25 people injured with one fatality from accidents with smaller buses. Individuals that are injured or lose their lives in a bus accident in Nevada can file a personal injury claim to obtain compensation for damages they suffered. Due to the complexity and challenges that come with personal injury claims in Nevada, it is best to work with a Nevada personal injury attorney.

Why Las Vegas Tour Bus Accidents Are a Common Problem

Tour Bus Accidents are Common in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a prime spot and favored location for vacation, bachelor and bachelorette parties, conventions, and other events. Because of this, party busses, hotel buses, and charter buses are plenty. These buses are driving throughout the city and to and from other locations like Lake Mead or the Hoover Dam. 

When a bus gets into a traffic accident, there is the potential to have several injuries and massive destruction because of the size of the bus and the number of passengers it holds. It isn’t just defected with a bus or the bus operator’s error that can cause accidents, although both of these issues can lead to crashes. It can also be other drivers on the road. The unique nature of the city of Las Vegas with casinos and world-class restaurants that have alcohol flowing does mean that drunk driving is a serious problem in the city.

If a drunk driver crashes into a bus, the outcome can be devastating to pedestrians near the accident, the passengers in the bus, and the inebriated driver. The state of Nevada’s rate of drunk drivers is just a bit below the national average. Across the nation, 1.9% of people report driving after drinking too much, while in the state of Nevada that number is 1.8%.

Speak to a Nevada Personal Injury Attorney Today

If you were in a Las Vegas bus accident or if one of your loved ones was, Matt Aaron, a Las Vegas personal injury attorney can help. The aftermath of a bus accident in Las Vegas can be quite costly for victims from property damages, to the need for medical care or the inability to go to work and earn a living, and more. Recovering compensation for all of your damages is essential. Call the Aaron Law Group today to discuss your case with the Las Vegas bus accident attorney during a free consultation at (702) 550-1111.

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