The Most Lethal Types of Car Accidents

The Most Lethal Types of Car Accidents

Car accidents in Nevada claim hundreds of lives every year and are incredibly dangerous regardless of the circumstances. However, auto accident fatality statistics reveal that certain types of accidents are more lethal than others, especially when combined with other risk factors such as drunk driving or speeding.

Head-On and Side-Impact Crashes

Rear-end collisions are some of the safest types of crashes, as they’re usually low-speed accidents that are further mitigated by either cars’ front and rear bumpers. Conversely, crashes from other directions miss out on those elements of safety, which is why they tend to be far more lethal:

The Most Lethal Types of Car Accidents

  • Head-on collisions account for over half of all auto accident fatalities. If two slower-moving vehicles are traveling at say, 25 mph, but strike one another head-on, then it’d be akin to a 50 mph crash. Similarly, head-on crashes with stationary objects are often lethal, especially if the car strikes something that doesn’t budge like the base of a freeway sign.
  • Side impacts, on the other hand, are usually relatively slow, being most common at intersections and parking lots. However, they still account for almost a quarter of all motorist fatalities, which is due to the lack of protection involved. A car’s front and rear bumpers are designed to absorb impacts, but the side of a vehicle offers no such protection.

Collisions with Larger Vehicles

Commercial truck or bus accidents are rarer than other types of auto accidents due to there simply being less of these vehicles on the road, yet sport a significantly higher fatality rate. This is due to two key factors, being the weight of the vehicles involved and the unique types of crashes they can cause.

Buses and trucks are both extremely heavy vehicles, meaning that they’ll inflict far more damage to smaller vehicles than they’ll receive themselves in a crash. There’s some give when striking a small car, but if you strike a commercial vehicle, you may as well be hitting a brick wall. Simultaneously, trucks and buses are more vulnerable to rollover accidents or unique crashes such as underrides and jackknifes, all of which can crush a car from above alongside its passengers.

Wrongful Death Claims for Nevada Car Accidents

If you’ve lost a loved one to a lamentable auto accident, no amount of money can truly console you in the aftermath. Yet regardless, filing a wrongful death claim is extremely important, both to help you deal with the many expenses that death can bring and to at least attempt to compensate you for the suffering and loneliness you’ll inevitably experience.

Most importantly, you should know that you don’t have to go through this process alone. An auto accident attorney in Nevada can shoulder the burden of the claims process on your behalf, giving you time to grieve with your loved ones and try to get through one of the most traumatic times in your life. Aaron Law Group’s compassionate legal professionals have extensive experience with these types of deaths, so please, give us a call at (702) 550-1111 to schedule a free consultation today.

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