Should You Work with a Lawyer after a Nevada Hit-and-Run Incident?

Should You Work with a Lawyer after a Nevada Hit-and-Run Incident?

If you were the victim of a hit-and-run incident in Las Vegas and your car sustained property damages and you were injured, the whole situation is undoubtedly overwhelming and distressing. There is the chance that you may not be able to locate the driver and this reality can be even more upsetting. When that happens, and the driver who caused your damages is not located, then in Nevada Uninsured Motorist Coverage is used to pay the costs of repairs to your car, medical expenses, pain, and suffering, as well as lost wages if you had to take time away from work to heal.

A common question after a hit-and-run accident in Las Vegas is if it makes sense to connect with a Las Vegas car accident attorney. Working with a legal professional allows you to focus on your health and overcoming your injuries after your hit-and-run accident. This is because your Las Vegas personal injury attorney will take on all the work that goes into investigating your claim, filing your claim, and dealing with every legal challenge that comes along with the personal injury claim process. This is why, when there are significant damages involved in a Nevada hit-and-run accident, victims should seek the legal counsel and assistance of a Nevada personal injury attorney.

What Will An Attorney Do For You After a Las Vegas Hit-and-Run Accident?

Should You Work with a Lawyer after a Nevada Hit-and-Run IncidentEven in situations where you have to file a claim with your own insurance company, you must be prepared that they are going to try and pay as little as possible for your damages. Your Las Vegas injury lawyer will be able to assess your case and put a fair value on it. So if you are given a low-ball number, your attorney will be able to identify this and fight for the amount of money you actually need from a settlement. In addition to representing your best interests with the insurance company, your attorney will:

  • Complete all necessary paperwork and take care of legal procedures.
  • Collaborate with investigators to collect evidence and information regarding your case.
  • Find ways to get you compensated in the shortest amount of time possible by way of mediations or arbitrations.
  • Have everything in place should you have to take your case to trial.

The statute of limitations to file an injury claim in Nevada is 2 years from the date that your accident took place. Your attorney will make sure that all deadlines and the statute of limitations are met so that you do not lose your ability to obtain compensation.

Meet with a Las Vegas Injury Attorney Today

There are several benefits to working with a Las Vegas hit-and-run attorney so if you were injured in one of these unfortunate accidents the Aaron Law Group can help. The Las Vegas Law Offices of Aaron Law Group works on a contingency basis, so you will not have to pay fees unless your case is successful and you are compensated. Initial consultations are always free, so you have nothing to lose. Call the Nevada personal injury attorney at the Aaron Law Group to schedule your complimentary consultation at (702) 550-1111.

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