Should Parents File a Personal Injury Claim for Their Children in Nevada?

Should Parents File a Personal Injury Claim for Their Children in Nevada?

When a negligent party causes an incident that harms your child, taking legal action is possible, however, it can be much more complicated than if you were to file an injury claim for yourself. When children are injured, they could face a life of impairment that may require ongoing therapy and support. This is especially true if their injuries are catastrophic. Depending on the details of the injury accident, a child’s future may be questionable, and their ability to live independently could be left unknown or even impossible.

If you are a parent of a child that was injured in an unintentional injury accident in Nevada, understanding your rights and that of your child is important when considering what to do in the aftermath of such a traumatizing event. Meeting with an attorney who is knowledgeable about personal injury law and who understands its complexity can be very advantageous. In Nevada, the Las Vegas personal injury attorney at the Aaron Law Group can help you if your child was hurt by another’s careless actions.

Parental Roles in a Personal Injury Suit for Their Children

Should Parents File a Personal Injury Claim for Their Children in NevadaChildren can be injured by another party’s negligent actions just the same way that adults can. Whether it be in car accidents, bicycle or pedestrian accidents, swimming pool incidents, and more, children can sustain severe physical bodily harm in any of these events. As a result, they can suffer substantial losses in their life that must be accounted for. Through the personal injury claims process, they may be able to secure the financial compensation necessary to help them with those losses.

The laws that govern personal injury claims in Nevada are a bit different for minors than they are for adults. This makes them a little more complicated. One main difference is that minor children are unable to take legal action themselves, meaning that parents or guardians must be the ones to file a suit on their child’s behalf. 

When a claim is filed for a minor child, the claim may go to court, or a settlement outside of the court may be agreed to. Unlike a settlement between adults outside of court, where the court does not have to review the outcome, for children, the courts must be involved. It is important to preserve what is in the best interests of the child. So, a settlement will need to be reviewed by the court before it is approved. Also, the funds that are secured from an approved settlement must be transferred into a trust to which the child will be given access once they are 18 years of age. There are other guidelines for the management of the trust that must also be followed.

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The rules that apply to children when a personal injury suit is filed are much more involved than they are between adults. Having an attorney that knows these complexities can help parents secure the most compensation possible for their children. 

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