Rising Las Vegas Motorcycle Accidents in 2021

Rising Las Vegas Motorcycle Accidents in 2021

The year 2021 has so far proven to be a deadly one in the state of Nevada. Deadly traffic incidents are up 17% so far from last year according to the Nevada Department of Public Safety & Transportation. There have been 109 people in the state that died in Nevada car crashes. Motorcyclists in specific are at increased risk of being seriously injured or killed in a crash. There is not much protection around a motorcyclist which is why wearing a helmet, refraining from speeding or driving while intoxicated, as well as utilizing other safety gear can help should a crash take place.

Even with all of the appropriate protective clothing, riding a motorcycle is highly dangerous, particularly when you are driving in urban areas. The NDPST reported that during a four-year period between 2014 to 2018, the majority of deadly Nevada motorcycle accidents took place in Clark County. Families that lose a loved one in a Las Vegas motorcycle crash may be able to obtain compensation to help them pay for the costs that come up in the aftermath of the tragic incident. While thinking about finances is not something a grieving family wants to do, the loss of their love not only inflicts an immense emotional toll but may also result in a hefty financial loss.

What is Nevada Doing About the Uptick in Deadly Accidents?

Rising Las Vegas Motorcycle Accidents in 2021Stopping or finding ways to reduce fatal Las Vegas traffic accidents is a top priority. So the Las Vegas Highway Patrol is responding by strengthening enforcement on the roads. This includes stopping drivers who engage in dangerous off-road driving which is heavily linked not just to causing traffic flow issues but also serious accidents. Also, the LVHP is heading out in the community to make the public aware of the problem and imploring them to remember safe driving practices. The LVHP will pay particular attention to drunk drivers and up the use of the breathalyzer during traffic stops.

The rise in traffic accidents is not just dangerous to automobile drivers, but motorcyclists in specific are more prone to death on the road especially when the number of crashes is increasing. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that driving a motorcycle increases your risk of death by 26 times more than if you drove a car when a crash takes place. Head-on collisions are quite prominent in motorcycle crashes and are behind 78% of deaths in motorcyclists in Nevada. A motorcyclist can still enjoy the open road, but to stay safe and reduce the risk of a deadly incident, drivers must be aware of their vulnerability. In response, wearing the right safety gear and taking the appropriate precautions may lessen the risk of a deadly incident.

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