Right-of-Way Violations and Motorcycle Accidents

Right-of-Way Violations and Motorcycle Accidents

In Las Vegas, there is fun to be had inside and out of the bustling city, and if you like driving freely on the roads, there are endless possibilities. For motorcyclists who enjoy getting out and enjoying a long ride through the desert, there are not many other locations that can beat the view and the vast openness that the area offers. Plus, the warmer climate allows for more motorcycles to be out on the road more often throughout the year than in other parts of the country where the weather may not be as temperate.

Ask any motorcycle enthusiast and they will tell you that riding their bike is exhilarating and a heck of a lot of fun. But, all of this entertainment comes at a high price. That is the motorcycle riders’ safety and wellbeing. This is because it is incredibly dangerous to drive a motorcycle. And even if you are a very responsible and cautious rider there are other factors that can be uncontrollable and cause you to crash. Due to the instability and lack of surrounding protection, when a motorcycle rider has an accident, anyone on a motorcycle at the time of the crash is extremely vulnerable to suffering severe and catastrophic injuries. This is if they are lucky enough to avoid death.

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident in Las Vegas or if you lost a loved one in a deadly Las Vegas motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to compensation. To learn more, please connect with the Las Vegas wrongful death attorney at the Aaron Law Group to meet and discuss your case.

Negligent Driver Actions That Put Motorcyclists at Risk

Right-of-Way Violations and Motorcycle AccidentsThere is a type of stigma that goes along with motorcycle riders which makes insurance adjusters, other drivers, and even sometimes law enforcement gives them less respect and consideration when a crash happens. Often when a motorcycle is in an accident there is a tendency to consider that the motorcyclist must have been the party who was at fault. 

The reality is that the negligence of other cars on the road causing a motorcyclist to crash happens with high frequency. Specifically, when another driver cuts motorcycle riders off and infringes on their right of way this is the reason behind many accidents with motorcyclists. 

Motorcyclists face great perils when they are in a crash when compared to their counterparts in vans, passenger sedans, and other vehicles. When in an accident the motorcyclists are 25 times more likely to die and the chances for injuries are also five times higher than these groups.

Considering that the extent of injuries in many motorcycle accidents can be so significant and there is a high death rate associated with these events, the resulting damages for a motorcycle rider tend to be high. To get all of the compensation you need after a Las Vegas motorcycle crash, the Las Vegas motorcycle injury attorney at the Aaron Law Group can help.

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