Questions that Las Vegas Car Accident Insurance Adjusters Will Ask

Questions that Las Vegas Car Accident Insurance Adjusters Will Ask

It is normal to feel overwhelmed, stressed, foggy-minded, and unsure about what to do after a sudden car accident. After all, you did not get into your car expecting to be hit when you were driving to your destination. So far in 2021, there have been 180 people who died in car accidents here in our state of Nevada. There are more than 60 car accidents, on average, that take place in Las Vegas alone, every single day. Altogether, Clark County is home to 80% of car accidents in the state of Nevada

The chances of being in a car accident in Las Vegas and in the surrounding greater metropolitan area are high for drivers. It is imperative to always drive with caution while staying alert and obeying all the rules of the road. Even still, if you are injured in a crash in Las Vegas, it is important to connect with a Clark County car accident attorney as soon as you can. Before you know it, the insurance adjusters will be calling and you will want to make sure that you do not say anything that will jeopardize your Las Vegas personal injury claim. Your attorney will be able to advise you on what to say and what not to say and be able to handle the adjusters on your behalf throughout the claims process.

What Questions Will a Las Vegas Car Insurance Adjuster Ask?

Questions Las Vegas Car Accident Insurance Adjusters Will AskThere are some questions that a car insurance adjuster will ask you that you should absolutely answer. There are many, though, that you should not answer. You do not want to give an insurance adjuster more information than they need. They will make it seem like they can be trusted and that they have compassion for your circumstances. The truth is that they want to extract from you as much information as possible so they can use it against you and pay you less than you deserve. 

An insurance adjuster may ask you many questions, but the most common to be prepared for are:

  • What type of car were you driving in at the time of the crash? The year, the make, and the model.
  • Who is the registered owner of the car you were driving at the time of the crash?
  • What date and what time did the car accident take place?
  • What location did the car accident take place?
  • In what direction were you traveling?
  • Are you able to detail all of the damages that resulted from the vehicles involved in the crash?
  • Did you have your seatbelt on at the time of the car accident?
  • Were the police called? If so, did they come to the scene and file a report?
  • When the car accident happened, did the airbag deploy?
  • What was the weather like at the time of the car accident?
  • Are you okay or did you sustain injuries?

Speak with a Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney Today

It is important to stay calm when you are speaking with the insurance adjuster and only give them the basic amount of information they need like the type of car you drive and where the accident took place. You can politely decline to answer many of their other questions and just tell them that your Las Vegas personal injury attorney will handle those inquiries for you. After you have been injured in a car accident in the state of Nevada, call the Las Vegas car accident attorney at the Aaron Law Group to schedule a free consultation at (702) 550-1111.

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