Liabilities and Pitfalls for Motorcycle Accident Cases

Liabilities and Pitfalls for Motorcycle Accident Cases

If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident in Nevada, life can suddenly seem overwhelming between medical bills, motorcycle repair costs, suffering, the recovery process, and other struggles. Worse still, there are countless ways that you can unknowingly jeopardize your settlement. Knowing some of the most common liabilities and pitfalls victims fall into after a motorcycle accident can help you avoid them altogether, giving you peace of mind.

Lack of Evidence

One of the fastest ways to have your case denied after an accident is not having sufficient evidence to substantiate your claim. In order to avoid a worst-case scenario, be sure to gather comprehensive evidence whenever possible:

  • Take notes on and pictures of the crash site, including any obvious injuries, damages to either vehicle, license plates, roadway conditions, skid marks, and anything else that comes to mind. There’s no such thing as too much evidence.
  • If there are any witnesses, get their name and phone number so that they can testify in court if need be. Follow up with the other driver, the police, and everyone involved; the more people who can corroborate your story, the better.
  • Immediately or shortly after your accident, see a doctor. Medical records provide proof that your injuries were of a certain nature or hurt you to a certain extent, and can also link delayed-onset injuries to an accident.

Apologies and Admission of Fault

Liabilities and Pitfalls for Motorcycle Accident CasesAfter a motorcycle accident, it’s normal to want to apologize in some fashion, especially if the other driver is wounded or seemingly has lost more than you. However, it’s important that you don’t do so—apologizing can be interpreted as an admission of fault by ruthless insurance adjusters. Even if you truly feel that you’re to blame, additional evidence might come to light later which rightfully shifts fault towards the other driver; you don’t know the whole story, so don’t make assumptions.

“Innocent” Conversations and Media

Unfortunately, your motorcycle accident case doesn’t end where your social life begins. If you actively use social media, you’ll want to comb through your posts and pictures to look for and weed out things that cast you in a bad light; regardless of if you look through it, savvy insurance adjusters certainly will. Whether a picture of you on a motorcycle (even a stopped one) without a helmet, a comment about “another crash?” or posts that don’t line up with your injuries, social media can and will be used against you. Even innocent, private conversations with friends and loved ones could provide a point of contention in testimony, so always ask a legal professional what you should and shouldn’t tell others around you.

Not Talking to a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Attorneys will tell you time and time again just how important it is to have a legal professional on your side after a motorcycle accident, but that isn’t some inflated marketing scam from the legal industry—it’s genuine advice. Some accidents, namely particularly minor, simple ones, don’t necessitate the assistance of a legal professional, yet it’s always advisable to consult an attorney all the same. There are hundreds of ways you could unknowingly disqualify yourself from receiving compensation and thousands of little things that can minimize your claim if you try to work things out yourself. Our Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorneys can warn you of dishonest insurance tactics, advise your proceedings, and handle the hard work and paperwork of a case on your behalf. Call us today at (702) 550-1111 to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how to secure the settlement you deserve.

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