Las Vegas Property Owner’s Duties with Foreseeable Perils

Las Vegas Property Owner’s Duties with Foreseeable Perils

Taking a trip to a friend’s house, running to the store, or going out to eat are all normal activities that people all over engage in on a regular basis. Should you go to another location for any reason and you slip and are injured while you are there, it may be due to the negligence of the owner of the property. Premises liability incidents in Las Vegas happen quite frequently. When an injury accident happens on another party’s property the victim of such an event has the right to file a Las Vegas premise liability claim for compensation for their damages. 

Sometimes, a fall seems minor and the victim may believe that they did not sustain significant bodily harm so they just get up, wipe themselves off, and move on. This could be the case in some situations, but in others delayed symptoms take a little bit of time to show up. It could take hours or even a couple of days after an incident took place on a property that was not your own, for you to start to feel discomfort. In this case, you may have sustained more severe injuries than you originally thought. People that realize after the fact that they were hurt more than what their damages initially seemed to be, should see a doctor to be examined and diagnosed. 

After a diagnosis and treatment plan, securing fair compensation to pay for medical treatment is a victim’s right. The Aaron Law Group has the Las Vegas premise liability attorney that can go over your premise liability incident and assist you in filing your claim.

What are the Responsibilities of a Las Vegas Property Owner?

Las Vegas Property Owner's Duties with Foreseeable PerilsTo prove a Nevada premise liability suit and obtain the highest amount of compensation it must be shown that the property owner did not show a reasonable duty of care to others that could enter their property. As such, they were negligent in their responsibilities to perform maintenance and upkeep, they didn’t take action to move hazards out of the way, or there was no signage present or other forms of notice to show people that an issue exists. When a hazard is on a property and it can be proven that it was foreseeable by a property owner but the property owner was careless or inattentive and did nothing to warn others about the issue or try and remedy it, then the resulting damages are likely going to be the responsibility of the property owner. 

On the other hand, when a problem is appropriately addressed on a property and an injury occurs, the owner may not be liable for paying the victim. Property that is clearly marked with warnings about potential issues that are present, or areas that are posted not to trespass, can shield a property owner from legal recourse. These actions communicate to others that the area is unsafe and that people should not enter in or near them. Failure to heed these warnings means that if you are injured you are not going to be able to hold the owner of the property responsible. That means that you will have to pay for your own damages like property destruction or medical treatment for instance.

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If you were hurt on a property that was poorly maintained and had unexpected hazards, call the Aaron Law Group for help with your Nevada premise liability claim. To schedule your free consultation call (702) 550-1111 today.

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