Las Vegas Commercial Truck Drivers Have a Dangerously High Turnover Rate

Las Vegas Commercial Truck Drivers Have a Dangerously High Turnover Rate

There is a high turnover rate with professional truck drivers in Nevada and across the country. In 2019, the turnover rate of commercial truck drivers in the United States was 95%. That is an extremely high number of employees leaving their professional trucking jobs for other opportunities. It isn’t just older and more veteran truck drivers that are leaving. A very large portion of new professional truck drivers that have just been granted their Commercial Driver’s License only drive for a living for a matter of months before they decide that they do not want to stay in the profession and leave their job. The trucking industry is facing a significant shortage of qualified drivers and because of this, negligent hiring practices are putting increased numbers of more unequipped, inexperienced, and poorly trained people in the driver’s seat of these highly complicated massive vehicles.

If you were injured in a Las Vegas commercial truck accident, it is likely that the damages you sustained were significant. This is because, most often, victims who reside in smaller passenger vehicles cannot take on the force and impact of a large truck. With 18-wheelers weighing in at up to 80,000 pounds and more in some cases and as long as 80 feet, an average 4,000-pound sedan at its heaviest will not hold up well. The cost of the damages that you sustained has the potential to be astronomical and this is why working with the right legal professional is necessary so that you can recover all of the money for everything you had to endure. The Aaron Law Group can help you get the compensation you deserve and will fight for you so that your settlement is as high as possible.

Why is Commercial Truck Driver Turnover a Dangerous Problem in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas Commercial Truck Drivers Have a Dangerously High Turnover RateApproximately 70% of all of the goods that are transported throughout the state of Nevada and consequently, the United States rely heavily on the services that the commercial trucking industry provides. Because of this, the commercial trucking industry is growing to meet the demand of the nation for goods. Due to the fact that there are so many truck driving jobs open, trucking companies are in a frenzy trying to fill the positions. After all, trucking companies cannot make money if they don’t get their deliveries done. 

A truck driver has a one-in-eight chance of being involved in a serious traffic incident every year. Annually, there are approximately 450,000 crashes that have large commercial trucks involved.  Traffic accidents that involved big rigs tend to be some of the most catastrophic and devastating especially for individuals that occupy smaller cars who were hit. And while there are many factors that can lead to a commercial truck accident in Las Vegas, inexperienced and poorly trained drivers represent a large majority of the reasons behind these incidents. 

Trucking companies are experiencing a real crisis with driver shortages. To make up the deficit, these businesses are engaging in negligent hiring practices so they can fill all of the openings. In 2018, for example, the trucking industry was scrambling to find 60,000 drivers necessary to keep their trucks on the road and moving cargo.

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