Is Owning a Dangerous Dog in Nevada Legal?

Is Owning a Dangerous Dog in Nevada Legal?

If you are a dog lover, even thinking about America’s favorite pet as anything but special animals who are incredibly loyal and loving is likely next to impossible. However, if you were bit and severely injured by a canine, you could have a much different opinion of “man’s best friend.” 

Physical bodily harm from dog bites often include puncture wounds, torn skin, severe infections, broken bones, and more. Some people will succumb to their dog bite wounds and lose their lives. Attacks by dogs can not only be incredibly frightening but also inflict a tremendous amount of harm. The medical treatment required to tend to one’s wounds can be substantial, and the injuries also may be so severe that one is unable to work. 

There are many damages that can come in the aftermath of a dog bite injury, which is why if there is a possibility to file a claim for compensation, then it likely is the right move to make. After a dog bite injury, you may have questions and need legal support as you work through the process. In Nevada, the Las Vegas dog bite injury attorney at the Aaron Law Group welcomes you to call and schedule a meeting to discuss your case.

What Does an Owner of a Dangerous Dog in Nevada Have to Do?

Is Owning a Dangerous Dog in Nevada LegalNevada allows homes to keep dogs that are considered dangerous. These animals are described as having posed a threat to others at least two times in an 18-month span. Incidents that are considered are those in which a dog was behaving in a menacing manner, and where the situation was unprovoked. 

Even though the state does not ban the domestication of canines, Nevada dog laws do maintain that owners must do the following:

  • Connect with an Animal Regulation Officer to get a permit.
  • Always have the dog on a leash when in public areas.
  • Always having the dog wear a muzzle over its mouth in public.
  • Display warning signs about the dog on one’s property. Included in these warning signs should also be the dog owner’s name and phone number.
  • Having the dog microchipped, or spaying or neutering where appropriate.

By contrast, a dangerous dog that attacks and seriously injures or kills will be considered a vicious dog. Animals considered to be viscous are not legal in Nevada. 

Specific laws in your locality can play a part in your ability to recover compensation for your harm after a dog bite. An attorney experienced and well-versed in local dog bite laws will be able to help you establish the negligence that existed by the dog’s owner, as well as make sense of local ordinances.

Speak with a Dog Bite Injury Attorney in Las Vegas

If a dog owner was negligent in their handling and care for their dog and the animal attacks you, you could hold the dog’s owner liable for your losses. To learn more about what you can do to recover financial compensation after a dog attack in Las Vegas, call the Aaron Law Group to schedule a free consultation at (702) 550-1111 today.

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