How to Prove Liability in a Property Accident Claim

How to Prove Liability in a Property Accident Claim

If you are shopping at your local grocery store, visiting a friend at their apartment, or if you are leaving a business but still on their grounds and you get hurt because the property is not maintained you may need medical attention to treat your injuries. Slip, fall, and trip accidents may not seem like injury incidents that can inflict much harm, but in some cases, the injuries a victim suffers can be life-altering or deadly. Consider an elderly person slipping and crashing to the ground.

Broken bones, extensive bruising, and even brain injuries are just a sampling of the devastating harm that can result. But, it is not just the elderly that have to worry about being hurt on a property that is unkempt. Anyone can suffer a great deal of damage in these locations.

In Nevada, and specifically, throughout Las Vegas, property accidents happen with high frequency. If you are a resident of Las Vegas or just visiting and you are harmed on a property that had defects or had hazards that were not fixed or addressed, you can call the Las Vegas property accident attorney at the Aaron Law Group to learn more about your legal options for recovering compensation.

Liability and Property Accident Claims in Las Vegas

How to Prove Liability in a Property Accident ClaimTo secure compensation, it must be shown that negligence existed on the part of the property owner. A property owner must keep up their premises and when there are issues, they are expected to do something about them and make sure that their location is safe. Some examples of perils that could be dangerous on the property include:

  • Pools
  • Dogs
  • Poor lighting or lack of lighting
  • Lack of adequate security
  • Defective furniture
  • Uneven grounds
  • Slippery spills

This is not a comprehensive list but just does detail the many different things that may be hazardous to individuals that could enter a property.

Nevada premise liability laws make it possible for victims that are injured on another entity’s property whether that be a private or a commercial area, to file a claim for compensation.

Establishing liability can be a difficult task in these claims. Not every injury accident on another entity’s property will mean that the owner had fault for the incident happening. It is essential that a victim show that the property owner knew about an issue with the property or at least that they should have reasonably known. Also, it must be shown that the property owner was aware of the hazard but did nothing to make repairs or to get a handle on it.

Speak with a Nevada Property Accident Injury Attorney Today

It is possible to sustain severe injuries from a property accident. Even when the harm is not catastrophic, any amount of medical treatment for physical bodily harm can be expensive. It is important to secure compensation to pay for all of the damages, including medical costs, that were incurred after a property accident injury. 

To learn more about how you can file a property accident claim in Nevada for compensation, the Las Vegas personal injury attorney at the Aaron Law Group can meet with you during a free consultation. Please call the Aaron Law Group today at (702) 550-1111.

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