How to Determine a Fair Amount for a Las Vegas Bus Accident

How to Determine a Fair Amount for a Las Vegas Bus Accident

Most of the time when a bus accident happens in Las Vegas, victims can be compensated through the insurance provider of the company that owns the bus. If the settlement offer is fair, then victims can accept it, get the money for their damages, and move on with their life. The problem is, the settlement offer is rarely fair and encompasses the full amount of damages that victims suffered. 

Accepting an insurance offer before knowing the true value of your case can put you in a bad position down the road. When the money from the settlement doesn’t cover all of the damages that a victim faces, it is likely that the victims will have to pay for any overages themself. 

In the settlement, all of the terms regarding taking the payment will be outlined. When a victim signs off on a settlement and takes the money this essentially absolves the bus company and their driver from facing any further legal action related to the incident. In doing so, the insurance company is not admitting that there was a fault on the part of the bus driver or the company.

How Much is an Average Las Vegas Bus Accident Settlement?

How to Determine a Fair Amount for a Las Vegas Bus AccidentThe most important step that victims can take when they are injured in a Las Vegas bus accident is to speak with a Las Vegas bus accident attorney. Having a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer review the case means that it is more likely victims will know what a fair settlement amount will be. This is because an attorney with experience in bus accidents in Las Vegas can assess all damages and put a correct value on a case. 

Knowing ahead of time how much your case is worth can help you from making the mistake of accepting an offer that is far too low from what you actually need. Even if the amount of money that is offered is satisfactory, the terms of taking it can be incredibly unfair and unreasonable. This is another instance where it is helpful to have a knowledgeable Las Vegas personal injury attorney by your side. Your attorney can read over the settlement and identify areas that are problematic and make a recommendation to either accept or reject the amount offered.

There are several factors that will go into putting an appropriate value to your Las Vegas bus accident claim. The severity of your injuries, how much medical care you require, and if you need long-term assistance, your property damages, missed wages while recovering, and your pain and suffering must all be examined and included in your claim. A solid settlement amount must reflect these losses.

Speak with a Las Vegas Bus Accident Attorney Today

You do not have to accept a settlement offer from a bus company’s insurance if it is not reasonable. To ensure that you are supported through the entire process and that your best interests are represented, the proficient Las Vegas injury lawyer at the Aaron Law Group can help. Call the Aaron Law Group today to schedule your free consultation and discuss your accident experience at (702) 550-1111.

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