How Protective Equipment Affects Motorcycle Accident Cases

How Protective Equipment Affects Motorcycle Accident Cases

Motorcycle safety gear and personal protective equipment are commonly cited as vital defensive measures for bikers, who lack the traditional comforts and securities of a larger vehicle with accompanying airbags. However, did you know that your choice to wear protective equipment affects more than just your health and safety? In practice, failing to wear the right gear can have a profound effect on how much compensation you receive, and is among the most common pitfalls for motorcycle accident claims.

Mandatory and Optional Riding Gear

Let’s first go over the protective riding gear that most motorcyclists are expected to wear, whether by legal necessity or as a general point of reasonability. All of these items have been proven effective in reducing injuries and fatalities, so as long as you seek out high-quality equipment and wear it appropriately, you can likely expect these pieces of gear to more than pay for themselves in medical bills alone:

  • Nevada’s motorcycle helmet laws do mandate the usage of approved helmets for motorcyclists and their passengers, yet regardless, you should be wearing a helmet for your own safety. Nearly 50% of motorcycle fatalities involve helmetless riders, to say nothing of the vast quantity of survivors who suffer traumatic brain injuries, disfigurement, and/ or permanent disabilities.
  • By virtue of the same laws, Nevada motorcyclists must also use some form of face protection, whether that be goggles, a visor, windshield, or screen on their vehicle. This also serves to help bikers mitigate poor visibility, eye injuries, and distractions when riding in any weather, so it’s best to follow the law for your good and that of everyone around you, letting you better avoid motorcycle accidents.
  • Durable, protective clothing isn’t required by law, yet will go a long way towards protecting you from road rash, biker’s arm, and other injuries sustained if you’re ejected from your bike during a motorcycle accident in Nevada. Padding up can seem like an inconvenience or discomfort, but if you ever get into a collision, you’ll thank yourself for wearing the right gear (gloves, jackets, thick pants, joint pads, etc.). 

How Equipment Affects Nevada Motorcycle Accident Cases

How Protective Equipment Affects Motorcycle Accident CasesIf you do end up sustaining motorcycle accident injuries, your outlook is simple: any injury caused by your lack of preparation is on you. For example, if you fail to wear reasonable protective clothing, then even in an accident caused by someone else, you’d be unable to receive compensation for bumps, scrapes, and nerve damage caused by your lack of padding. Similarly, failing to wear a helmet would make it difficult to get compensation for head injuries, on top of the fines you’d face for violating the law.

Regardless of the scope of your injuries and how they occurred, it’s always a good idea to talk to a Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorney before getting too far into the case process. Ruthless insurance adjusters may be quick to unfairly blame your injuries on your equipment, yet in truth, it’s likely that your damages are the result of a complex system of fault that a lawyer can unravel. Aaron Law Group is specialized in these affairs and can help maximize your recoveries, so give us a call at (702) 550-1111 today to learn more about how a legal professional can help you.

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