How Prevalent are Uninsured Drivers in the U.S.?

How Prevalent are Uninsured Drivers in the U.S.?

Responsible drivers may think it unimaginable to get behind the wheel when they do not have the required car insurance necessary to be a lawful driver. Every state has its own laws for the minimum amount of insurance that a driver needs to be road legal. And when an uninsured driver is pulled over, there can be strict punishments applied. 

Drivers who are injured in Las Vegas car accidents can feel rattled and distressed at the very least. If the accident was quite severe, it may feel downright frightening and horrifying. Any accident can cause substantial detriment to a person’s mental health, and when a victim has to also contend with a driver that hit them who does not have insurance, the situation can become even more dreadful. 

If you were in a car accident in Nevada with an uninsured driver, you may feel like all hope is lost when it comes to getting the compensation you need to pay for your damages. However, this may not be correct, and if you take your case to an experienced  uninsured motorist attorney, you may learn more about what options are available that can help you.

Are There Many Uninsured Drivers in the United States?

How Prevalent are Uninsured Drivers in the U.S.Having uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage is a good idea for just this instance where you are hit by another driver that does not have enough or even any insurance to pay for your damages. There are approximately 20 states along with the District of Columbia that do require all drivers to have such coverage. Nevada is not one of those states.

Should you find yourself in a situation where an uninsured driver caused your accident, having that coverage can make a big difference. Because, while you may think that suing the driver will be enough to have the value of their assets cover the costs of your losses, this is not always the situation. Typically, if a driver does not have car insurance and is still undeterred from driving, it is also unlikely they have much personal wealth to make any difference for the damages you suffered.

Uninsured motorists on the road may be more prevalent than you think. According to the Insurance Insitute for Highway Safety, in 2019 there were as high as 12.6% of all drivers on American roadways who did not have car insurance. Of course, the true number may not be known and because of this, it could be much higher.

In 2019, the state of Mississippi had the highest amount of uninsured drivers at 29.4%. The state of Nevada came in at number 32 across the country for having uninsured motorists at 10.4% of all drivers.

Car accidents can be difficult to manage, and they can become even more complicated if a driver does not have insurance. The Las Vegas car accident attorney at the Aaron Law Group can help victims recover the most compensation possible from a personal injury claim.

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