How Often Are Other Drivers Responsible for Causing Motorcycle Accidents?

How Often Are Other Drivers Responsible for Causing Motorcycle Accidents?

Novice and veteran motorcycle riders will often have two basic things in common: The love of riding a motorcycle and the acceptance of the inherent danger of this leisurely activity. In 2020 alone, there were 5,579 motorcyclists lost their lives in crashes according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The truth is, that when a motorcyclist has an accident, they are at heightened risk of suffering severe and deadly injuries much more so than occupants in cars. There is very little that protects riders on a motorcycle which is why wearing a helmet is so important. Even though the state of Nevada requires motorcycle helmets for both drivers and riders, these still cannot fully protect from serious disabling injuries and death.

There are many reasons why a motorcycle may have an accident while out on the road. Bad weather, a malfunctioning bike, driver error, or negligence on the part of other drivers are some examples. If you were in a motorcycle accident in Nevada, it is possible that you suffered considerable damage. You may be entitled to a monetary settlement that would encompass all of your damages including those that are economic like medical bills and non-economic like pain and suffering. For more information, the Las Vegas motorcycle accident injury attorney at the Aaron Law Group can meet with you to discuss your motorcycle accident experience.

Are Other Drivers Usually Responsible for Motorcycle Accidents?

How Often Are Other Drivers Responsible for Causing Motorcycle AccidentsEvery motorcycle accident situation is different and not all will be due to another party’s negligence. However, there are many times when mistakes or carelessness on the part of other drivers are the reason why a motorcycle accident happens. There have been several studies on this topic, and by and large, the results they produce show that other vehicles are often present when motorcycle accidents happen. The NHTSA indicates that their research shows that more than two-thirds of motorcycle accidents happened because of the actions of drivers in other cars.

It is not uncommon for other drivers of larger vehicles not to give motorcycles a safe amount of space to operate the same way they would for other cars. This increases the danger of hitting a motorcycle when a car is tailgating or even passing around the bike.

Drivers of larger vehicles also may have a harder time seeing motorcycles traveling around them. Poor visibility is a common reason why a driver may unintentionally hit a motorcycle.

So, while there are many factors that can cause motorcycle accidents that riders should be aware of, simply being on the road with other vehicles is something to be cognizant of. As a result, motorcyclists can benefit by taking motorcycle safety courses and always being alert while riding. Keeping distance from other cars can help too.

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A driver may have legitimately not identified a motorcycle riding near them, but if they hit the motorcycle, the damage is already done. This excuse will not shield the driver from liability for the damages their actions caused. 

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