How Civil Suits Can Be Dismissed

How Civil Suits Can Be Dismissed

If you bring about a civil suit you are doing so because you believe that someone harmed you and was negligent with their behavior. A civil suit is a means to remedy your situation and obtain financial compensation for your losses. However, if you file your suit there are things that you should know in order to be successful. The most important and basic means to be successful with your case is to avoid having it dismissed. Once it is dismissed by the courts – depending on how they do it – you may never be able to bring about your case again to be heard. 

When you work through the civil litigation system alone, you may not know your rights or the guidelines that must be followed to win. Each state has its own rules that have to be adhered to because if they are not, this alone could lead to a dismissal and a case that renders no compensation to a victim. This is true even if the victim has solid grounds to file their claim. Civil suits can be filed over breach of contract, personal injury situations, or other legal disputes where damages are suffered.

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What Would Make a Court Dismiss A Civil Suit

How Civil Suits Can Be DismissedSpecifically, there are three straightforward instances where a court will likely decide that a case will not be heard. These include:

  1. You have a court date set but you fail to show up. Missing your court date puts you in a bad light and the courts will not look too highly on this practice. Also, if you fail to show up to your court hearing, the defendant who you have filed a legal dispute against is going to ask for a motion to dismiss which a court will likely agree to, and then your case will be thrown out.
  2. If you bring about a legal suit it is essential that you have solid grounds to do so. Additionally, you must be sure that the evidence you present and your argument and allegations are firmly backed by the law. Without a legitimate justification for your case and if you do not have the ability to prove your side, then you may have your case dismissed.
  3. Each state in the country has a window of time that allows victims, in certain situations, to file their civil claims. There is not an unlimited amount of time in any state to file a claim. This is why if you do have a case to make you do so soon after the incident happens so that you do not miss the deadline. If you miss the deadline, then the court will not hear your case, and your ability to secure the compensation you need and could very well deserve, may not be awarded to you.

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