Handling Hospital Stays After Car Accidents

Handling Hospital Stays After Car Accidents

Though some individuals do escape from Nevada car accidents unharmed, many are not so fortunate. The thought of a stay at a hospital is a daunting one, but when combined with the stress of an accident, it can start to seem overwhelming. You should prioritize your recovery first and foremost; the process of a hospital stay isn’t as difficult as you might think. While you focus on treatment, an experienced accident attorney can handle everything else.

When You Need to Visit the Hospital

If you’re moderately or severely injured after an accident, you’ll be transported to the hospital via ambulance, or directed to drive there if you’re in good enough condition to do so. However, even in the event that you weren’t immediately brought in for treatment, it’s still a good idea to visit the hospital. 

If you realize you’re injured after the crash or are experiencing strange symptoms (especially symptoms of brain injuries or internal bleeding), visit an urgent care center immediately. If you only have mild symptoms, visiting a local doctor is sufficient, as they can advise you on whether or not you need to go to the hospital as well as diagnose any injuries you might have.

During Your Hospital Stay

Handling Hospital Stays After Car Accidents

The primary care received in a hospital is more complex than simply “getting better,” but not overwhelmingly so. You’ll want to be extremely open with your caretakers, giving doctors and nurses detailed information about your symptoms. You’ll also need to give them a thorough, honest account of the nature of the accident and trauma you experienced, but avoid discussing fault and what caused the crash. The hospital only needs to know the physical results of the accident.

Hospital stays take you away from your friends, family, and day to day life, so it can be stressful or even depressing to remain in inpatient care. However, the process is necessary for your recovery, so see it through. Relaxing, finding light hobbies, and having a good support network of friends and family can help make your stay more comfortable.

Medical Bills and Accident Attorneys

Hospitals aren’t cheap, so medical bills pile up quickly. Your health or auto insurance will likely cover at least a portion of your expenses, but that isn’t a guarantee, and you still might be left with significant fees. You should contact an auto accident attorney at your earliest convenience after sustaining injuries in an accident, but in the meanwhile, there are certain things you can do to avoid sabotaging your own settlement:

  • Don’t apologize. Whether you’re at the scene of the accident, in the hospital, or talking to an insurance adjuster, avoid implying that you were partially or fully at fault, even if you feel guilty. Statements like these will be used against you to minimize your claim.
  • Don’t agree to things with insurance adjusters before talking to a lawyer. Don’t give formal statements, don’t give more than the bare minimum of information to open a claim, and especially don’t accept quick, easy settlement offers. Doing so could bar you from receiving fair compensation, especially if you experience medical complications and delayed onset injuries later down the line.

Our car accident attorneys in Las Vegas, Nevada can help. If you’ve stayed or are staying at a hospital after a crash, call us at (702) 550-1111 to schedule your free consultation and learn more about how we can secure you the compensation you deserve for your damages, suffering, and other losses.

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