Getting Your Motorcycle Ready for Riding

Getting Your Motorcycle Ready for Riding

Whether there are certain times of the year that you tend to ride your motorcycle more than others, or if you are always out on the road, it is important that you keep your bike in good working condition and prepared for operation. Motorcycle accidents can be some of the most catastrophic for riders and their passengers. This is one reason why it is critical to take the time to monitor and inspect your motorcycle so you can improve your safety when you head out for a ride.

Due to the wide open roads, amazing natural scenery, variable climate, and environment that can exist in Nevada, it is a popular place to enjoy a good motorcycle ride. As a result, you will see many motorcycles driving throughout the year. However, while riding a motorcycle can be highly enjoyable, it does come with very serious risks. From 2014 through 2018 there were 305 people that died on their motorcycles in Nevada.

If you were injured in a motorcycle crash or if you lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident in Nevada, the Las Vegas motorcycle accident injury attorney at the Aaron Law Group can help you file a claim for compensation for your losses.

Preparing Your Motorcycle for the Road

Getting Your Motorcycle Ready for RidingIf you ride your motorcycle regularly it is likely that you are staying up to date on appropriate maintenance and know the state of your motorcycle. Though if you only ride during specific times every year then your bike may be stored for some time without use. In these cases, the following safety preparation tips should be applied:

  • Check your tires for cracks, low tread, cupping, or bubbles that may show weakness. Or you may need to check to see if your tires need some air added. In some situations, all you may need is additional air but in others, you may need to replace your tires.
  • Look over the structure and body of your bike to see if there are any leaks. You could have to take your bike into the shop to have leaks taken care of before you go on a long ride.
  • Check your lights and signals to ensure they are working properly. Your lights help other drivers see you, help you see the road better, and also help you safely indicate your intentions to other drivers when you are riding. 
  • Fluids could require a good top-off or may need to be completely changed to help your bike function at a high level.
  • Look at your brakes and make sure that they are working and the pads are ample with no warping.

Speak with a Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney Today

Due to the severe and cataclysmic outcomes that can come after a motorcycle crash, it is best to do what you can to avoid a crash and part of this process includes checking your bike to make sure it is road-ready. Though sometimes crashes are unavoidable and in these situations where you have been in a motorcycle crash, call the Nevada motorcycle accident injury attorney at the Aaron Law Group to schedule a free consultation at (702) 550-1111.

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