Do You Have to do Anything if You Hit an Unoccupied Car in Las Vegas?

Do You Have to do Anything if You Hit an Unoccupied Car in Las Vegas?

As a general rule, it is extremely important to never leave the scene if you are involved in any sort of car crash in Las Vegas. You undoubtedly will feel overwhelmed and shocked by the incident and may have the urge to flee, but doing so will put you in criminal peril. Las Vegas takes hit-and-run incidents very seriously and if you leave a person who was harmed from the crash, you will be facing criminal charges that can include time in jail. Even if you hit a car that was unoccupied you still have legal obligations.

If you hit another party you are expected to exchange information such as your name, your address, and your registration. When the police arrive, you will need to give the officer your information too. Also, until help arrives, you must try to provide aid to the other parties if there were injuries. Even if you cannot provide medical support to a person, you are compelled to call for emergency care to arrive at the scene by alerting 9-1-1. 

When you hit another vehicle that was unoccupied, it is hard to exchange information, but that does not mean that you are off the hook. There are still steps you must take.

What Should You Do If You Hit an Unoccupied Car in Las Vegas?

Do you Have to do Anything if You Hit an Unoccupied Car in Las VegasHitting another car means you still must speak with the driver if they are present to exchange information. When you hit a car that is empty then luckily, you did not cause anyone physical bodily harm because no one was present inside the vehicle. However, you are still obligated to find the owner of the car. Making a reasonable attempt to find the owner is expected. If you cannot find the individual, then leaving a note on the car with your information including your name and your address is imperative. Then when you leave the scene, the next action is to call the police and inform them that the incident happened.

Not taking these measures when you hit a parked car can lead to criminal charges. You risk being charged with a misdemeanor. Even though you did not hurt anyone in this situation you still did not take the proper actions so you could be subject to penalties including jail time. You may also face fines and receive demerit points on your license. 

If you were hurt by a negligent party on the road, connecting with a talented and knowledgeable Las Vegas personal injury attorney can help you seek justice and get the compensation you deserve for your damages. The best-case scenario is that the authorities find the party that caused your accident and you can file a Las Vegas personal injury claim against them. If the liable party is not found, you would file your claim against your own insurance. In both scenarios, an experienced Las Vegas car accident attorney is going to improve your chances of obtaining the most in your settlement.

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