Do Bicyclist or Cars Have the Right of Way in Las Vegas?

Do Bicyclist or Cars Have the Right of Way in Las Vegas?

When you are driving in your car there are many other vehicles on the road with you. Bicycles are one of those “vehicles” that you will have to share the road with. This is so because bicyclists are typically considered vehicles just like a passenger sedan is. So, it is worth the time to understand how to drive alongside a bicyclist to maintain safety.

It is not just a driver of a car on the road who should understand how to maneuver around bicyclists. Bicyclists too should be made aware of what their part is when it comes to sharing the road with other cars. If both drivers of cars and bicyclists can figure out how to coexist on the road together in the safest way, it only makes sense that there would be fewer reports of injury or deadly accidents. This is particularly true for bicyclists who, when coming into contact with a car, are likely to take on the full force and impact of the collision.

Right of Way Between Cars and Bicyclists

Do Bicyclist or Cars Have the Right of Way in Las VegasFor the most part, when it comes to how the law describes the right of way between cars and bicyclists, it is sort of obscure. Generally, there are no straightforward laws that indicate specifically how the right of away works but it is expected that both parties, the car, and the bicycle, act in the safest way possible to avoid a crash.

Using sound judgment and being courteous to fellow vehicles is the way to go in all instances. This is true whether two cars are approaching a merge area or a car and a bicyclist are in the same situation. Often, it is common for a driver of a car to believe that they have priority over the road when they are near a bicyclist. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The law, for the most part, says that bicyclists like cars must follow the same rules and as such, also have the same rights.

Consider the following right of way scenarios:

  • If you have a yield sign you must slow down to let another driver pass.
  • When a pedestrian is crossing the street in a designated crosswalk they are not to be impeded.
  • Turning left makes the driver yield to other parties going straight.
  • Drivers traveling straight through at a T-shaped intersection have the right of way to the incoming road.
  • A person that can be identified as disabled has the right of way.
  • Intersections without signs or signals should allow the first drivers that show up to take their turns and go in order.
  • Drivers on unpaved roads must yield to those on paved roads.
  • If your car is parked and then you get into it and start it up, you must yield to traffic in motion.
  • If an intersection without a sign or signal has more than one car arrive at the same time, then the car on the right gets to go first.

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