Can You Sue if a Product That Hurt You Did Not Have Warnings?

Can You Sue if a Product That Hurt You Did Not Have Warnings?

Product manufacturers have an obligation to ensure that the products they sell to the public are fairly safe. If there are issues that they know can be hazardous, there should be a warning clearly placed for consumers to see so that they are aware of any potential problems that could arise. When manufacturers do not post their warnings, or they place them in locations that are not easily found by a consumer and a consumer is hurt, the manufacturer may be liable for paying for the damages the consumer suffered from using their product.

Product liability claims are the legal means that injured consumers can utilize to help them recover the costs of their damages. Damages in a product liability claim may include medical expenses and missed wages from time away from work. If you were injured by a faulty product or one that had a hidden danger where no adequate warning was present, you may be able to file a claim for compensation. To learn more, the Las Vegas product liability attorney at the Aaron Law Group can meet with you and review your accident experience.

Filing a Product Liability Claim When a Warning Was Insufficient

Can You Sue if a Product That Hurt You Did Not Have WarningsNot only should a product manufacturer have warnings of potential harm included with their products, but the location of where these pieces of information are situated is incredibly important. This is because if a consumer cannot find a warning or can easily overlook one, they would be unaware of the possible harm that could await them. By contrast, when a warning sign is present and easily identifiable, then the consumer should know what issues the product poses.

There are many ways that product manufacturers will try to deny liability for harm their products cause. They may say that the consumer did not read the warnings that were included and that it was their fault that they were hurt. They could also say that the consumer was negligent with the product by not using it the correct way.

Still, even though a product manufacturer and their insurance provider will look for excuses to remove blame from themselves and place it on the consumer, that does not mean that the consumer has no way of fighting back and countering such accusations.

After a product injury, it is important to connect with an attorney that is experienced with these types of complex claims. Your attorney at the Aaron Law Group will do a comprehensive investigation into your injury event. When it is clear that warnings either were not present or they were hard for you to find, then an argument can be made that the warnings were ineffective and the manufacturer is the party who was negligent and, therefore, liable for paying for your damages.

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Product liability claims can be complicated and involved. Figuring out the nuances of what makes a manufacturer responsible for paying damages is something that the product liability attorney at the Aaron Law Group has extensive experience with. If you used a faulty or defective product and were hurt, do not hesitate to reach out to the Aaron Law Group to schedule a free consultation at (702) 550-1111.

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