Can You Avoid a Sideswipe Accident in Las Vegas?

Can You Avoid a Sideswipe Accident in Las Vegas?

Automobiles that are changing lanes are at-risk of causing a sideswipe accident. If a driver misjudges the distance it has to make a change or if the driver isn’t paying attention to their surroundings, they put vehicles they are next to at risk for getting clipped. Due to their nature, sideswipe accidents happen rather frequently. These incidents occur on such a regular basis that the National Highway Transportation Safety Association did a 13-month study on lane change events to see how these accidents transpire.

When the traffic is high and there are cars everywhere, the room to move about is limited. In these situations where drivers are trying to cut through the jam several lane changes occur. Because of the close proximity that automobiles have to each other trying to change position isn’t simple and miscalculations can happen easily. Highly congested traffic situations put drivers and passengers at the most risk for sideswipe accidents to take place.

Tips to Reducing the Risk of Sideswipe Accidents

Can You Avoid a Sideswipe Accident in Las VegasResponsible and alert driving will reduce the risk for an accident, but a negligent party can still collide with the most responsive and cautious driver. If you are sideswiped by another vehicle you may only endure minor damages to your car and you could potentially suffer no bodily harm. However, when a heavy, large, and fast-moving vehicle sideswipes you the aftermath may be devastating for your car and your health.

Figuring out how to get the compensation you need after you have been injured by a negligent party in a Las Vegas traffic accident is an overwhelming task especially when you have to also juggle expensive medical treatment. The competent and skilled Las Vegas car accident attorney at the Aaron Law Group can advise you of your legal options and provide you with strategic and effective representation to ensure that you are treated fairly and get the settlement amount you deserve. Matthew Aaron, a Nevada serious injury attorney, has been practicing law since 1993 and has been consistently delivering impressive results to his clients. Matthew Aaron can help you with your Las Vegas personal injury claim.

In their lane-change study, the NHTSA found many interesting takeaways:

  • Out of the 135 lane-change events that were examined, three resulted in collisions while 132 barely missed being in a crash.
  • Changing lanes happened quite quickly with drivers only taking 1.5 seconds to do so.
  • It only took 2.3 seconds from when a lane change happened for a collision to transpire.
  • To avoid an accident the driver must brake and steer away from the incident because braking alone isn’t sufficient.
  • Drivers who don’t pay attention to their surroundings or use their mirrors cause collisions more often.

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Because driver mistakes are the most common reason behind all traffic accidents, always following the rules of the road and paying attention to the act of driving is going to be the best practice when getting behind the wheel. Knowing what behavior is more susceptible to accidents also helps so that drivers can avoid those actions. After a Las Vegas automobile accident call the Aaron Law Group, a Las Vegas automobile accident injury firm for help with your Nevada personal injury claim. Schedule your free case evaluation today by calling (702) 550-1111.

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