Can Las Vegas Casinos Be Liable After An Injury Accident?

Can Las Vegas Casinos Be Liable After An Injury Accident?

Legalized casino gambling in Nevada dates way back to 1931. It took 46 years before any other state permitted this type of gambling. Then in 1971, New Jersey made this activity legal for Atlantic City. Across the country, casinos are popping up as various forms of gambling are being legalized. Still, when one thinks of gambling and casinos there is no better or more popular location than Las Vegas. Las Vegas casinos are classic, retro, and modern. The strip is iconic and the wide breadth of shows offered are unbelievably entertaining. You can find some of the best, most elevated food, accommodations, and shopping all in one location. Las Vegas is truly unique. 

A trip to Las Vegas should be fun and memorable for the right reasons. Whether you are a resident or an out-of-town tourist, if you are hurt while in Las Vegas,  you could have the ability to file a Nevada personal injury claim to obtain compensation. Despite the excitement and bustle of the city, Las Vegas has many threats to look out for, including those that exist in casinos. Whether a slot machine malfunctions, a slip, and a fall takes place, food poisoning leads to substantial illness, a parking lot has hazards, swimming pools pose a threat, or the elevator is defective, any one or combination of these incidents can lead to injury.

Contact the Aaron Law Group if you were injured at a Las Vegas casino. When you work with the talented Las Vegas casino injury attorney at the Aaron Law Group, you can have your accident situation examined. One of the most important parts of moving forward with a personal injury claim in Las Vegas is determining what entity is liable. There are many instances where a casino is liable for damages to patrons and in other situations, another party may be legally at fault. 

Can Las Vegas Casinos Be Liable After An Injury Accident

When is a Casino Liable for Damages?

A casino has a duty of care to patrons and others that enter the premises to keep these individuals safe from harm. To do this properly, the establishment must:

  • Keep up on maintenance.
  • Maintain a clean and hygienic environment.
  • Remove or repair hazards.
  • Inform individuals where hazards may exist if they cannot immediately be addressed.
  • Ensure proper lighting for visibility.
  • Equip the establishment with accommodations for people with disabilities.
  • Ensure that contractors, security, and other employees are responsibly hired and properly trained.

When you are injured while visiting a casino in Las Vegas, your accident situation must be thoroughly investigated.  An investigation looks into what happened during your accident experience so that liability can be assigned to the right party. If the casino you were staying at or visiting neglected their duty of care and that is why you were injured, the casino may be responsible for compensating you for your harm.

Learn How to Be File a Las Vegas Personal Injury Claim Today

Injuries that take place in Las Vegas casinos often result in the casino holding some of the blame, if not all. Las Vegas personal injury claims can be complex, this is especially so when you are going up against highly paid and highly powerful attorneys that casinos use to represent their best interests. You shouldn’t attempt to take on this feat alone, and when you work with the Las Vegas personal injury attorney at the Aaron Law Group you will have a proficient attorney that can stand toe-to-toe with these legal professionals. Call the Aaron Law Group today at (702) 550-1111 to schedule a free consultation.

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