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Bus Accident Lawyers in Las Vegas

There are numerous ventures that bring millions of Americans to the Las Vegas strip each year. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, a trip to the casinos, or attending a convention, you have come to the right place. Individuals across the state of Nevada turn to mass transportation for work and play every day. Using mass transportation puts riders at risk of suffering bus accident injuries. At Aaron Law, we understand how devastating this type of accident can be. Thankfully, we are well-equipped with the knowledge necessary to handle bus company insurance adjusters on behalf of our clients.

Were You Injured On A Bus?

There are several forms of Las Vegas transportation options that can be deadly. These include:

  • Airport Shuttles between McCarran Airport
  •  City Center Tram
  • Hop On – Hop Off Tour buses
  •  Las Vegas Monorail
  • Regional Transportation System, Strip & Downtown Express
  • The Deuce bus between Fremont Street and the south end of the Strip

If you were injured while using any of these transportation methods, you do not have to deal with the legal process alone. Our team at Aaron Law will work diligently on your case so you can focus on recovering.

Common Causes Of Bus Accidents

Crashes that involve buses and other forms of mass transit vehicles often result in serious injuries or death to passengers, other motorists, and pedestrians. If you have ever been involved in an accident involving a mass transportation vehicle, the personal injury attorneys at Aaron Law Group can take care of all your legal needs.  We have more than 26 years of experience working with Nevada residents who have been injured in an accident caused by the negligence of another person or entity.

Our firm handles numerous types of claims against bus companies, including:

  • Accidents caused by dangerous weather conditions
  • Accidents resulting from dangerous road conditions
  • Distracted drivers
  • Speeding and/or other types of negligent drivers
  • Accidents resulting from driving under the influence
  • Mechanical failures
  • Accidents caused by improperly maintaining the vehicle

There are endless things that can go wrong while riding on a bus. No matter what circumstances are involved in your particular accident, the personal injury lawyers at Aaron Law Group will work with you throughout the entire claim process in order to achieve the best possible results.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bus Accidents

Individuals involved in bus accidents often ask several questions to determine if they have a case against a bus driver, a bus company, or another responsible party. Some of the most common questions include:

How long do I have to file a claim?

If you are involved in a bus accident in Las Vegas, you need to act immediately. The law provides a two-year statute of limitation for cases, but regulations for bus accidents can vary greatly depending on a variety of circumstances. Our team at the Aaron Law Group can make sure you do not miss out on your opportunity to pursue compensation for damages sustained during an accident.

Who gets hurt in bus accidents?

In Las Vegas, most victims of bus accidents include passengers on the bus and individuals in other vehicles who are sharing the roadway with the bus. Commuters, sightseers, pedestrians, and cyclists along the road can also become victims of bus accidents.

How much money can I get from damages?

Every bus accident case is different. There is truly no guarantee about how much money anyone will receive as a result of their injuries. Factors like the severity of the injury, the recovery process, pain and suffering, lost wages, loss of companionship, and even loss of life quality can all impact how much a person can recover in damages.

Each case is truly unique, but our team at the Aaron Law Group works hard to make sure injured parties recover as much as possible under Nevada law.

Where can I find more information about bus safety in Las Vegas?

Several state organizations are available to assist injured parties with information pertinent to their cases. These include the American Bus Association, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the Federal Transit Administration, and the Nevada Transportation Authority.

Additionally, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada, and the United Motorcoach Association are all available resources that may help you find the answers to additional questions you may have. You can always schedule a free consultation with our experts at the Aaron Law Group to see what options are available to you.

How can an attorney help me if I am injured in a bus accident?

Whether you are a Las Vegas native or just in town on vacation, you have a right to remain safe while utilizing the state’s mass transit systems. Bus accidents are far more complicated than other types of personal injury claims. Trying to handle this complex situation on your own can jeopardize your ability to achieve an adequate recovery of damages. Our team of skilled lawyers at the Aaron Law Group has extensive experience working with clients to fight for their rights against bus companies.

When a bus accident occurs, the bus company often hires a team of investigators to analyze the situation and gather evidence in support of their claim. Doing so enables them to minimize their potential level of liability. For this reason, it is crucial for injured parties to hire an adequate legal team to go out and investigate on their behalf. This eliminates the possibilities of a conflict of interest that can arise when the bus company conducts its own investigation.

Common Accident Claim Types

Due to the size of the bus and the number of passengers these carrier vehicles handle, accidents are more likely to result in a higher number of injuries or fatalities. Our law firm is equipped to handle victims of all types of passenger carrier vehicle accidents involving charter or church buses, city buses, limos, school buses, shuttles, tour buses, or even private motor coaches. The National Highway Safety Administration considered a bus to be any motor vehicle on the road that carries ten or more individuals, including the driver.

Bus companies are liable to provide a duty of care to all passengers. This includes:

  •  Ensuring entries and exits are safe for all passengers
  • Providing an adequate and reliable level of security for passengers
  • Having qualified drivers in control of the vehicles
  • Ensuring the buses are properly maintained. This includes motors, engines, and all mechanical parts on the vehicle
  •  Monitoring and correcting any and all problems immediately

When accidents that involve buses occur, individuals are always quick to assume the bus company is financially liable for the accident and all the passengers. This is not always the case.

Determining Who Is At Fault

The process of determining who is at fault in a mass transit accident is often complicated. Lawyers at the Aaron Law Group can help you, no matter who is responsible for your injuries. Parties typically found liable are:

  • Bus drivers: These individuals can be held responsible for accidents that directly result from driver error or negligent. This can include drivers becoming distracted, driving while intoxicated, suffering from driver fatigue while in control of the bus, and engaging in traffic violations.
  • Transit companies: The entire company may be held liable for accidents if they failed to properly maintain their vehicles and, as a result, an accident occurred. Maintaining the vehicle goes far beyond ensuring brakes and components of the vehicle are functioning properly. Although mechanical failures are the fault of the transit company, it is also important for drivers to be adequately trained and experienced.
  • Municipal entities: If accidents occur involving vehicles operated by the state, city, or county government agency, they can be held accountable. When RTC Transit buses or Clark County School District buses are involved, lawsuits are generally more complex and have a shorter statute of limitation. Filing in a specific manner is imperative in these cases, which is why having a strong legal team working with you is important.
  • Third party drivers: When a driver in another vehicle cuts off a bus, crashes into the bus, or causes the accident to occur, they can be held liable for the accident. When this happens, filing an individual claim against them becomes more challenging. Quite often, bus companies collect information for the drivers rather than having injured parties collect the information personally. Having a legal representative will ensure you get all the information you need for your case.

Common Causes For Bus Accidents

Collisions with other vehicles and objects along the roadway account for a large percentage of bus-involved accidents. Solid objects like bridge abutments, highway signs, or even highway structures can be struck by a bus driver that is negligent.

Hazardous conditions are another cause of numerous bus accidents across Las Vegas. When commercial buses are not regularly maintained and serviced, accidents can happen. Buses need to be de-iced, have dry interiors, and they need to have tires suitable for weather conditions.

Finally, passenger actions are increasingly becoming more common as a cause of bus accidents. It is increasingly difficult for bus companies to protect passengers against criminal acts; however, this does not prevent them from making every reasonable attempt to ensure passengers are not victims of other passengers or people outside of the vehicle. Background checks on bus drivers, adequate lighting, and reliable surveillance cameras are all ways bus companies can protect passengers that rely on their vehicles for transportation.

Common Injury Types In Bus Accidents

Individuals involved in bus accidents may suffer minor injuries or severe injuries that result in death. When bus accidents occur, passengers are jerked around and often thrown out of their seats. Bruises and abrasions can occur immediately. Individuals can suffer from torn or sprained ligaments, fractured or broken bones, and even severed limbs.

Some individuals suffer severe back injuries, herniated disks, whiplash, concussions, or even head trauma. In rare circumstances, passengers trapped on buses can suffer carbon monoxide poisoning. Unfortunately, numerous individuals involved in bus-related accidents are killed instantly or die due to complications of their injuries.

What To Do If You Are Injured

If you are ever injured in a bus accident, it is crucial for you to seek immediate medical attention. Even if you don’t notice any problems, you may still be suffering. Some injuries take time to develop before they are noticeable. It is important to keep records of treatment and the process of recovery as this information can be useful for your case.

Refrain from signing anything. Quite often, transit companies, vehicle owners, or their insurance adjusters may try to contact injured parties to offer a small amount of compensation in an effort to avoid any lawsuits. Signing anything before consulting with a personal injury lawyer can truly jeopardize our chances of recovering money for damages sustained in an accident. The amounts typically offered by bus companies and their insurance adjusters after these life-altering accidents occur often do not even cover a fraction of the medical bills. Avoid signing anything up front as you may sustain both short-term and long-term expenses that are recoverable through a lawsuit.

If you are ever injured in a bus accident, it is crucial that you contact one of our lawyers at the Aaron Law Group in order to protect your legal rights. Contacting a lawyer as soon as possible maximizes your chance of creating a strong case.

We Fight For You

At the Aaron Law Group, our attorney has extensive courtroom experience with more than 26 years of legal representation for residents of Nevada that have been injured by the negligent actions of another person or entity.  There are several factors to consider about bus accidents that will determine what laws are applicable to each case. It is important to know the company’s name that is operating the bus, where the accident occurred, and where the bus company is registered. Investigating this type of crime can be lengthy and extremely costly. The Aaron Law Group has a clear understanding of all local, state, and federal laws and can ensure that your rights are protected and you are compensated fairly for your losses.

Given the numerous public transportation options in Nevada, it is no surprise that there are as many accidents as there is involving these vehicles. If you are injured in a public transportation accident, or your loved one was killed as the result of a bus accident, our team at the Aaron Law Group can help you.  We are available to work aggressively to protect your legal rights to compensation. Call the Aaron Law Group at 702-550-1111 to schedule a free evaluation to see how we can help you today.

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