Breaking News: $3 Million+ Verdict Won Against State Farm with $50,000 Policy Limits!

Breaking News: $3 Million+ Verdict Won Against State Farm with $50,000 Policy Limits!

Las Vegas – August 1, 2023—In an unprecedented victory, Aaron Law Group secured a verdict exceeding $3 million for its client after rejecting State Farm’s $500,000 pre-trial offer.

The most remarkable aspect is that the underlying auto policy had a mere $50,000 limit, yet State Farm is obligated to pay the entire judgment.

This recent win marks the 30th multi-million dollar recovery in cases involving minimal policy limits secured by Aaron Law Group, prevailing against insurance companies with original policy limits ranging from $15,000 to $100,000.

Very early in Matthew Aaron’s career, after witnessing numerous tragic situations where severely injured people had only a very small insurance policy to pursue, he vowed to find a solution.

“My client can never work again. What in the hell is $25k gonna do?!”, exclaimed Aaron, and added “just because the state says all you’re required to have is $25,000 doesn’t mean my seriously injured client has to be stuck with that.”

This landmark case highlights a widespread issue affecting countless individuals with substantial damages but limited insurance coverage.

“We’ve proven that with proper pre-litigation handling, the policy cap can be lifted, holding insurance carriers responsible for the full claim value, regardless of their limits,” remarked Matthew Aaron, Esq., the attorney behind this legal triumph.

This groundbreaking achievement is reverberating throughout the legal community, prompting discussions on the need for comprehensive insurance coverage and its implications for those seeking restitution.

Interestingly, there are additional methods, other than lifting the cap on policy limits, to avoid being stuck with minimal insurance coverage.

Mr. Aaron explained, “We just had a case where we were unable to lift the cap, but after a little digging, low and behold, it turns out that the adverse driver was running to get the boss a coffee. Bingo! Multi-million dollar commercial policy.”

A third method is another process with which some lawyers may be unfamiliar and that is Nevada’s “Resident-Relative” rule, which states that if you live in the same house as another adult relative, you can avail yourself of the under-insured motorist coverage in their auto policy.

“So, that’s what it’s all about, dig, dig, dig and don’t stop digging until you find sufficient coverage”, stated Mr. Aaron while explaining that when he hires lawyers for his team, tenacity is one of the primary traits that candidates must possess in order to make his short list.

“We never give in, we never give up, we kick the door down and charge in!”, added Matthew.

In an effort to raise awareness and empower others in similar situations, we encourage the public to share this news within their networks. Together, we can create a powerful wave of change in the realm of insurance law.

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