5 Steps to Take After a Nevada Hit-and-Run Accident

5 Steps to Take After a Nevada Hit-and-Run Accident

The aftermath of a car accident can be catastrophic with respect to the damages suffered. The right steps to take after a car accident in Las Vegas is to:

  • Stop and check on everyone involved to see if they have suffered harm and if so, get them medical assistance.
  • Exchange contact information.
  • Answer questions and provide information to officers at the scene.
  • Call the closest police station to the crash or get in touch with Nevada Highway Patrol to report the incident if there is no police on the scene.

What you should absolutely not do after a crash is to flee the scene. Still, even though it is illegal to drive away from a crash where damages exist, hit-and-run accidents happen with high frequency and regularity. The AAA Foundation reports that in 2015 there were over 730,000 hit-and-run crashes meaning that year, every 43 seconds someone was the victim of a hit-and-run incident. These accidents are rising throughout the country.

What Should You Do After a Hit-And-Run Crash?

5 Steps to Take After a Nevada Hit-and-Run AccidentIt is stressful enough to be in any type of vehicular accident. But when the party that hits you rapidly drives away, your situation can feel even more agitating and traumatic. Particularly, if you are badly injured and there are no other people around to get you medical attention quickly. 

It is possible that the police can identify the perpetrator of your hit-and-run accident. It is also possible that they will not find the individual that harmed you. The good news is that even if the police do not find the individual responsible for your accident, you still may be able to recover compensation for the harm you suffered.

The Las Vegas hit-and-run accident attorney at the Aaron Law Group can review your case and identify any options available that could get you the financial compensation you need.

After a hit-and-run accident in Las Vegas, take the following steps:

  1. See a doctor, go to a medical facility or emergency room for treatment. Getting medical care is good for your overall health and wellbeing and it will also be a critical component of your Nevada personal injury claim.
  2. Contact the police or the Nevada Highway Patrol. The report that the police make can be used in your personal injury claim. Also, the police have a trained eye for identifying evidence that can support your claim and finding the person who hurt you.
  3. Depending on how severe your physical bodily harm is you may or may not be able to begin documenting the scene. Should you be capable, take photos, videos, and speak to any witnesses who are willing to help.
  4. Write down the make, model, and color of the car that hit you and if you were able to make out any of the license plate information, these are all important to your claim and to find the person that fleed the scene.
  5. Tell the police what direction the car that hit you went.

Speak with a Las Vegas Hit-and-Run Attorney Today

In Nevada, you do not have an infinite amount of time to file your claim for compensation. This is why getting in touch with the Las Vegas car accident attorney at the Aaron Law Group quickly after your crash is critical to your efforts recovering compensation. Call the Aaron Law Group today to schedule a free consultation at (702) 550-1111.

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