Why Nevada Motorcyclists Face Greater Risks Than Other Motorists

Why Nevada Motorcyclists Face Greater Risks Than Other Motorists

Motorcyclist fatalities have reached the highest level in decades during the past few years according to the Insurance Information Institute. Unfortunately, these rates are not likely to go down anytime soon. Although some bikers are reckless and make hazardous decisions, many cautious, experienced riders still get into dangerous accidents. Motorcycle drivers are more likely to sustain critical injuries, rather than those in larger vehicles, when they are involved in accidents through no fault of their own. 

Why Motorcyclists Get into More Accidents

Operating a motorcycle takes a unique skill set, but even for careful drivers, motorcyclists tend to get into accidents far more frequently. Even assuming that the operator never makes reckless or unsafe decisions, there are still many reasons that they’re at risk:

  • The Elements. Bikers are especially susceptible to extreme temperatures, harsh wind, and poor road conditions, which only compounds with low-visibility conditions (and other hazards while driving at night) to make almost every moment a potentially dangerous time to ride.
  • Visibility. Most drivers do not actively look for motorcyclists, and between their small size and low profile, many motorcycles are not noticed at all. This can result in accidents that could have easily been avoided.
  • Physical Demands. Bikes demand constant balance and vigilance to operate. Falling into a brief microsleep behind the wheel of a car, while extremely dangerous, can sometimes result in nothing more than drifting a few inches in a lane. On a motorcycle, however, a momentary lapse of consciousness will almost always lead to a catastrophic accident.

Collisions are Especially Lethal for Bikers

Motorcycle accidents in Nevada result in death more frequently than any other type of crash. Despite being a minority among drivers, over 50 motorcyclists die each year in Nevada, with hundreds more seriously injured. Unfortunately, there’s very little that can be done about the inherent lethality of motorcycles, as the primary factors in this are beyond a biker’s control:

  • Why Nevada Motorcyclists Face Greater Risks Than Other MotoristsA Lack of Protection. While other automobiles have airbags, seatbelts, and a metal cage around their occupants specifically built to ensure their safety, riders rely on little more than a helmet and simple protective clothing to keep them safe.
  • Other Drivers. Because other drivers frequently do not see motorcycles at all (or in some cases, consciously make aggressive driving decisions around them), larger vehicles oftentimes do not react quickly enough to slow down and minimize the severity of a crash. 

What Can Motorcyclists Do?

Motorcycles are inherently dangerous vehicles, but there are a variety of things riders can do to minimize their odds of ever getting into an accident. Wearing vibrant clothing, using reflective tape, and being mindful of other driver’s blind spots is a great place to start, but beyond that, you should always practice the utmost vigilance on the road. Maximize your visibility, but assume you’re invisible.

If you’ve already found yourself in a motorcycle accident, you’ll need to start building a strong case in order to obtain compensation for your injuries, suffering, and financial damages. As motorcycles are commonly associated with reckless, thrill-seeking drivers, insurance adjusters might discriminate and try to shift blame onto you or otherwise devalue your settlement. An accident lawyer in Nevada is essential for your case, evening the playing field with experience and legal resources. We are confident we can help, so please, if you have been hurt as a motorcyclist, contact us today at (702) 550-1111 to schedule a free consultation and discuss your options.

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