The Most Expensive Personal Injuries

The Most Expensive Personal Injuries

If you were injured by a negligent party in Nevada, then you may consider filing a personal injury claim against them for the financial compensation you need for your losses. You may be stuck with medical expenses, lost wages, property damages, and more. These expenses can be included in a claim. Due to Nevada’s modified contributory negligence system, victims of injury accidents are entitled to file a claim for financial compensation if their actions are less than 51% responsible for causing their accident.

When a person is able to file a claim for compensation in Nevada, there are going to be many factors that will go into how much money they will be able to secure from it. One of these critical factors is the type of injuries suffered and the extent of the physical bodily harm that was inflicted. To preserve your rights and to improve your chances of obtaining a full recovery for your damages after you were injured in Nevada, working with an attorney that knows the laws in the state and has a proven track record of success with personal injury claims is critical. The Las Vegas personal injury attorney at the Aaron Law Group can review your injury accident and discuss with you what legal options you have to obtain compensation.

Costly Personal Injuries

The Most Expensive Personal InjuriesMedical treatment and interventions can come with high price tags and as a result, any injury has the potential to be costly. But there are some injuries that require such extensive care that they are typically very expensive. The following injuries that can happen after an accident come with some of the largest costs.

Brain Damage

When the head is impacted and the brain is thrust back and forth inside it can be irreparably damaged. A victim of this type of physical bodily harm may have long-term and even permanent disabilities. In the aftermath of an incident that leads to brain damage, many days in the hospital may be necessary to monitor a patient and even with therapy and treatment outside of the hospital, a person may never be able to function the same again. Brain damage cases can be so severe they warrant settlements in the millions of dollars.


When digits or limbs are destroyed so bad that they can not be repaired but instead must be removed, this is an immediate and clear life-long detriment to a victim. Everything that a person was able to do before they had an amputation may be strictly limited after their body part has been taken from them.


Victims that are vulnerable to paralysis may require many surgeries to address their issues but even with these procedures, never be able to fully recover. As a result, they may lose the ability to control portions of their body or their entire body in the most catastrophic situations.

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