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Understanding Uber and Lyft Ridesharing Accidents

Understanding Uber and Lyft Ridesharing Accidents

Uber and Lyft both qualify as ridesharing companies (legally known as “transportation network” companies), providing convenient transportation to many a passenger by connecting them to freelance drivers employed by the company. For many a commuter, these services can be far superior to driving themselves, albeit more expensive—for example, according to Uber’s US Safety Report, the average ridesharing trip is tens of times safer than a regular motorist’s journey.  However, whether safer or not, ridesharing car accidents in Nevada can and [...]

What To Do If You Get Into A Motorcycle Accident

What to do if You Get Into a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents happen for a variety of reasons, but regardless of the cause, these collisions are traumatic, stressful experiences for everyone involved. In the moments following a crash, it’s important to stay calm. As with any accident, you should prioritize first aid and call 911 if anyone is visibly injured; shock suppresses pain responses shortly after a traumatic experience, so you might feel fine despite being severely wounded. Provided that there isn’t an emergency to deal with, you can [...]

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